Important Karwa Chauth Rituals For Unmarried Girls

The love-filled festival of Karva Chauth will be knocking on the doors very soon. As we all know that this auspicious festival is very crucial for married women in India. Karva Chauth rituals are needed to be followed every year for the wholesome completion of this auspicious day. They tend to fast the whole day for the prosperity and longevity of their husbands. Nowadays, even unmarried girls follow these rituals and do Karva Chauth fasting to get the perfect life partner. It's been considered that when an unmarried girl does Karva Chauth fasting her wishes tend to get fulfilled and they end up getting the finest and loving partners just like Lord Shiva.

karva chauth rituals for unmarried

However, there are so many Karva Chauth rituals for unmarried as well. Just have a look at them.

Karva Chauth for unmarried woman

1. Sargi

One of the most crucial and hard aspects of observing Karwa Chauth is fasting for a total day. One requires enough energy and sustenance to endure the entire day. The last feast prior to fasting you take is the sargi, which for the most part comes from husband’s relatives. Since you are unmarried, you can follow karwa chauth vidhi for unmarried.

You can have any energy-boosting food or drink. The main thing you need to recollect is that the food should be eaten before dawn. It is ideal to have a go at something filling, nutritious and yummy without a doubt.

2. Karwa Chauth Pooja

Pooja is the main theme of any celebration and Karwa Chauth also observes the same. To comprehend the meaning of this Hindu festival, one must read the Katha related to Karwa Chauth rituals. Worship goddess Parvati in order to please Lord Shiva as it is accepted that the moon is to be taken as the appearance of Lord Shiva on this day. Thus, you should simply indulge in all the puja ceremonies before the moonrise.

Karwa Chauth Pooja

3. Break your fast by looking at the north star

While most unmarried young ladies tend to wait for the moon to show up and break their fast afterwards. Many of them have a glance at North Star and complete the fast-breaking ritual. Try not to wait for too long for the moon, better to break your fast with a polar star see.

karwa chauth rituals

4. Video calling

While the married woman completes the moon worship by seeing her husband's face with a channi. However, if your partner is living in another city you can perform all the rituals through a video call.

karwa chauth rituals

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