Incredible Bonsai Plant Ideas as Your Garden Home Inspiration

The Zen, Feng Shui and Shōgon'na….

There is something magical and captivating about the Japanese way of life that drives us to craft, compose and rejuvenate ourselves with traces of it. One of the most common ways to indulge in the calmness of Japanese lifestyle is to embrace its simplistic decor values and properties. You can, after all, attain Zen by walking on the minimalistic path led on by the rich examples of Feng Shui. And, as a symbol of maintaining harmony with mother nature, Feng Shui rules dictate the inclusion of a home garden space.

bonsai decoration ideas

Adding plants and components of nature to your home garden and abode ensures a successful and healthy relationship with our surroundings according to the rich cultural heritage of Japan. And, what can be a more true representation of ‘Raifu sutairu’ (lifestyle) than bonsais?

Derived from the ancient Chinese practice (penjing), the Japanese art form of bonsai decoration ideas are incredible and come in very handy while sprucing up a place.

bonsai garden ideas have in fact taken over the concerns of keeping indoor flora and decorating one’s home garden. And, to help you feel a little closer to achieving Zen and following the true earnest patterns of Feng Shui, here are top 6 Bonsai Plant Ideas that will spruce up your home garden and provide you with a lot of inspiration!

Goth minimalistic fern bonsai

Fern bonsai plants are hard to come across but once you find these beauties, every other bonsai starts to look like regular plants. The charm of these special bonsais is their hard and deadlike exterior. If you happen to have plants of various heights and sizes all across your home or the garden, placing a fern bonsai against the colourful array will provide both a different texture and a gothic feel!

bonsai decoration ideas

Rustic tea bonsai

Tea is a big part of the asian culture. Green tea, matcha tea are both very famous and vividly popular all across Japan. Hence, as a reflection to the Feng Shui laws that have been supremely cultural, tea plants are an important part of life and their miniature bonsai forms are simply divine!

bonsai decoration ideas

Sakura blooming bonsai

Sakuras, also known as the lovely cherry blossoms, are the first image that pops into one's head while thinking about Japan and its culture. Naturally, sakura blooming bonsais find an interesting part to play in the laws of Feng Shui. Available in multiple colours of blooms, these bonsais are popularly known for their whitish yellow blossoms.

bonsai decoration ideas

Enchanting night bonsai

Did you know that a blossoming bonsai is considered auspicious? Because, unlike full grown plants, bonsais are compact and delicate. It takes a longer period of time for them to mature into the dwarf full grown version of themselves. This particular bonsai blooms rarely but the sight is worth the wait!

bonsai decoration ideas

Leafless coniferous bonsai

Rarest bonsai in this list, the leafless bonsai plants are made of coniferous plants and they have the ability to shed all of their leaves during the winter time. However, this occurrence is so rare that many bonsai enthusiasts have mistakenly defiled completely matured ones and ended up with dead ones.

bonsai decoration ideas

Banyan tree bonsai

Banyan bonsai takes years to mature and take the desired shape. But, they are worth the wait! Banyan bonsais have the look and flair of vintage mark. They can also be shopped for quite easily. By googling ‘banyan bonsai plant shops near me’, you can easily come across multiple options online that can be further shipped to your address directly! Just remember, bonsai is a delicate art and the plants need care and attention. Be thorough and follow the instructions attached to your plants carefully, only then will your bonsai home garden bloom and generate positivity and Zen all around you!

bonsai decoration ideas