Diy cupcakes: Incredible Cupcakes Decoration Ideas

Did anyone say cupcakes? Drooling, isn’t it? Cupcakes are mini cakes that are so delicious looking that anyone could be drooling even looking at them. They are little round cup-shaped pieces of heaven that are dearly enjoyed by every sweet lover.

The speciality about cupcakes is the way they are presented. Each cupcake can be designed in different looks with minimal efforts and that’s what makes them most attractive.

Decorating cupcakes is an art and one can derive inspiration from practically anything. Let's discuss a few easy cupcake decorating ideas and make them look attractive and yummylicious.

CupCakes Decoration

1. Mini Floral Cupcakes

Tulsi or Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) is viewed as exceptionally auspicious and sacred. It must be placed in the North, East or the blend - North-East direction. Its leaves refine the circulatory and digestive system by expelling poisons from the blood. It is likewise a magnificent air purifier which is the reason its work in Vastu Shastra is profoundly respected. Ensure that the Basil plant gets adequate air and daylight.

Mini Floral Cupcakes

2. Sprinklers

Sprinklers have the power of making the dullest cupcake into this rainbow of fun and colours. This is one the best cupcake toppers. Sproles on top of your cream can make your cupcake look so colourful and beautiful. It is one of the easiest ways to decorate a cupcake because you are not doing anything artistic here, all you are doing is throwing some sprinkles as a topper on your cupcake and there you have your cupcake ready.


3. Ombre Cupcake

Ombre is in and what better than having an ombre cupcake. This is a great idea when you want to make theme cupcakes. The ombre colours can be colours of theme you have decided for the event. Ombre effect on cupcakes adds high style to cupcakes without putting too much effort and makes it look amazingly beautiful. All you need to do is colour your frosting your desired colors and using your round pastry tip, just pop circles on your cake. There you have it cupcake rainbow.

Ombre Cupcake

4. Fruity Cupcake

Decorate your cupcakes with delicious yummy fruits that will make the cupcakes even better tasting. You can choose a variety of colourful fruits and arrange them in a manner that looks attractive. These will turn out gorgeous and will be very hard to resist. Perfect for a kids party. Or if it’s too hard to make it at home buy cakes online and don’t let anything hinder your celebration.

Fruity Cupcake

5. Oreo Biscuit Toppers

Who doesn’t like Oreo biscuits, they blend in anywhere from cakes to shakes. What heavenly flavour would we get when we combine cupcakes with Oreos. You can make a cupcake and put a normal white icing on top. Finish off with little oreo biscuit on top. You can add some sprinkles for colour.

Oreo Biscuit Toppers

6. Top with Meringues

Meringue is so yummy, and imagine it becomes topper for your favourite cupcake? What a combination right. You can make a boring dull cupcake into an interesting looking and delicious cupcake by adding meringue topper to your cupcake. You can use a lemony flavour which will give your cupcake an interesting twist.

Top with Meringues

7. Ganache

If you are decorating a large number of cupcakes, then ganache is a great choice. You can quickly spoon it on top of the frosting and don't have to worry if it gets a bit messy - it will just look artistic. To make a simple chocolate ganache, bring 1/4 cup of milk to a boil, then remove it from the heat and pour it over 1 cup of room temperature chocolate chips.


For the mint chocolate ganache, add 1/4 teaspoon of mint extract as well, or switch it up and make a chocolate butterscotch ganache. Stir the mixture until all of the milk chocolate has melted and you leave with a smooth, shiny sauce. Let it cool on the counter for a few minutes so that it thickens - a thicker cane gives you more control over where you put it on top of a cupcake.

You can dip the top of the cupcake directly into the ganache bowl for a smooth, glossy finish, or for a small drop on a small cupcake with a fun drizzly effect.

These all are very interesting ideas on how you can make your cupcakes more interesting. You can use your own imagination and experiment with different things in order to make them interesting or there’s always an option to order cupcakes online.

Have a cupcake day.