Must Pick these Mother's Day Gifts for Indian Moms

The one who has caressed you with love, nurtured with care, and brought up with grace is a Mother. Her presence in your life might not be that evident to you after you have grown up old. But for her, even if you turn 90, you'll be her little munchkin. Such is the nature of every Mother across the globe. Celebrating the motherhood of every Mother, this Mother’s Day, let us make it extra special for her.

Must Pick these Mother's Day Gifts for Indian Moms

To help you in making the big move of a special celebration for the life-giving source, here are a few gift ideas that you can consider. We have mixed and matched, both furnished and some DIY gifts for your mom. Let us explore together, and plan a day full of giggles on the face of the cutest being around you. Also, to make it more specific, below are Mothers Day gift ideas for Indian mothers. P.S.- Coz everything fancy, is too much expensive for them.

1. Greeting Cards

Cards are an age-old gesture that fits every occasion, and one such gift, that is not-so-expensive. While you will be out hunting for a perfect card for you, you'll come across a lot of quirky options, and oh-so-relatable for every Indian Mother. The gifting shops are all decked up with “When It Comes To Mom,” “Maa- Tere Haathon Mein Jhado Hai,” and all such fun quoted cards. We promise these inexpensive Mother's Day gifts would make your Queen blush.

Greeting cards for Mother's Day

2. MOM Calendar

Another trending gifting item for your can be a personalised calendar. Also, you have an option to DIY it on your own. All you need for the DIY would be some coloured thick sheets, printed monthly calendar (6*6), printouts of your Mother’s pictures, some stones or stickers for decoration, and a black permanent marker. Start by sticking the calendar on the coloured sheet, leaving ½ inch gaps. On top of the calendar, paste your Mother’s picture and write a sweet quote on it. Decorate the calendar as per you desire and get it bound from any stationary. We bet, your Mother would be overwhelmed with her teachings of saving money.

MOM calendar

3. Neck Pillow

Though neck pillow might be a little expensive option if you go for a good one. The neck pillow is necessary for your mom as she loves to roam from one pilgrim to another, with her gang, And most of her trips are by bus and train, so help her travel in a more relaxing manner and present her a neck pillow. Also, you can pair the pillow with a cute eye mask for her, to let her sleep all sound. And if your mother is not a travel enthusiast, then you can go for hand-printed cushion covers, made using fabric colours and some wooden blocks. Present your mother with this and let her relax while she lay her head on this pretty work of yours.

Neck Pillow for mom

4. Aprons

Every mom loves to cook good food and spoil their kids, and we are sure your Mother is no exception. And we promise this will make for the best Mother's Day gift for Indian moms especially if you make one for her on your own. So, for this DIY, you will need some old clothes (preferably jeans, because of its thickness). Now, turn on a youtube tutorial, and learn to stitch this basic apron (because it is tough to explain in written). Decorate the apron either with some acrylic paint or frills and laces. And if these seem to you a tough task, then visit any photo studio that deals in printing t-shirts, and get a wonderful picture of both of yours, imprinted on the apron. Tada.. you are done!

Aprons for mom

5. Decorated Planters

Mothers, not only love cooking but being a nurturer; they love to adore their garden like their kid. And every Indian mom, back in her adulthood had been hell creative, she knows to stitch, she knows to embroider, she knows painting, she knows everything. So, this Mother’s Day, bring home some innovative planters, some paints and brushes (use the ones you already have). Now, sit down with your mom in the garden area (or balcony/ verandah/ gallery) and start creating magic with her. She might have grown up, but we promise, the giggle and stories she will share during this fun activity would be more than any expensive gift.

Decorated Planters

6. Chopping Board

Every Mother is a proficient cook, and with every passing day, she has excelled the art of chopping. But whenever you enter the kitchen, it is whole of a different mess. So, indirectly this chopping board for you. Get her a chopping from any kitchenware shop, or get it custom-made from a furniture shop near you. If you like, you can also write a quote on the board using herbal acrylic colours. Another variation in this chopping board can be by pasting a few wooden paper clips on it, attaching a string with them and clipping a picture of your mom.

Chopping Board

These are some of our top picks that you can choose for the love-of-your-life and greet her the inexpensive way. Though the market is all dolled up with Mother's day flowers, cakes, and other stuff, choose a gift for her that is handmade and brings out that oozing love of your, for her. Rest we promise, all these Mother's Day gift for Indian mom are apt for every type of mom.