5 Indoor air purifying plants to fight with air pollution problem in Delhi

Being the capital Union Territory of India, Delhi comes under the eye of everyone for its list of achievements and nonsuccesses. Now, it has grabbed everyone’s attention by being the world’s most recognised agglomeration which contributes to toxic air. The magnitude of air pollution levels in Delhi is massive. Not only has it caused many ailments to its residents, but it also has impacted the entire city’s environment and economic wellbeing. It has been said to reduce the life expectancy of the people of this city. As per resources, the leading causes of air pollution in this city have been identified as vehicle exhaust, open waste burning, deforestation due to bringing new infrastructure projects in the city and more. There’s only one thing that can save all the Delhites from these adverse effects of air pollution. And those are air purifier plants in Delhi. Many environmentalists and researchers have claimed that planting more and more plants online Delhi is sure to bring them out of this condition sooner than probably one can think of. Today, over this blog, we are going to name you the top 5 air purifying plants to fight air pollution. People of Delhi may make a note of them and bring them in their indoor home spaces to at least make their home sweet homes a safe place for them and their loved ones. You can readily get these natural air purifiers at some offline as well as online nurseries.

Indoor air purifying plants to fight with air pollution problem in Delhi

1. Spider Plant -

This plant is said to remove pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde and has been blessed with short and narrow leaves. The plant gets its name as it grows up, and its offshoots tend to appear like leaves on a spider’s web. It thrives well in well-drained soil and is quite a low maintenance plant. Watering it once in two or three days would be beneficial. It looks pretty and makes a great addition to your indoors.

Spider Plant

2. Snake Plant -

Goes by the scientific name Sansevieria trifasciata, a snake plant is sturdy with minimal care requirements. It can easily grow in water; hence it is important for you to change the water within regular intervals. It is advised to keep this plant placed at your study table so that you can breathe fresh, clean air at all times.

Snake Plant

3. Areca Palm -

Acts as a natural cooler; the areca palm plant, aka Dypsis lutescens, is known to cleanse out xylene and toluene from the air. Its leaves will turn yellow if exposed to direct sunlight. This is a magic plant as it doesn’t just have the property to purify the air but also adds moisture to the surroundings and absorbs all the toxins.

Areca Palm

4. Money Plant -

The money plant is a well-known Feng Shui plant, but how many of us knew that it makes an excellent air-purifying plant, as well? Not many, for sure. Going by the names pothos, silver vine or devil's ivy, a money plant does very well in indirect sunlight and adapts to one’s indoor environment. It cleans the air and removes the toxins from it.

Money Plant

5. Peace Lily Plant -

The peace lily plant is known to spread calm, positive vibes that aids in sleeping. It is known to remove toxic carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the atmosphere. It is a slightly toxic plant; hence it needs to be handled with care. It needs some light for its blooms to grow to their fullest potential.

Peace Lily Plant

So, these are the top 5 air purifying plants that you can bring home to beat air pollution. As plants tend to make a great home decor item as well, you can choose to beautify your home with these plants, and in return, these plants will bless you with their exceptional air purifying properties.