5 Indoor Plants to Avoid If You have Allergies

Houseplants are one of the best ways to spruce up the decorations. With the wide variety of plant options for any setup and benefits, it seems like just having any plant will offer the same for those with allergies! So, when looking for the perfect indoor plants, it is important to know the right plants for your health and decorations. To help you stay healthy and safe - in this post, we share five indoor plants to avoid if you have allergies.

plants that cause allergies

1. Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum blooms are mesmerising plants for decorating both the outdoor and indoor spaces. The plants are quite easy to grow and maintain in vases. But, they are plants that cause allergies - they produce dusty pollen, which is known to cause seasonal allergies. Do not be tempted with the vibrant blooms to add to your home decorations.

2. Bonsai

Bonsai trees are fascinating miniature plants, which means that still have the same characteristics as outdoor plants. Some of the most popular plants used for Bonsai are Juniper and Cedar, which cause a lot of allergy problems. Another problem with Bonsai plants is the shaping and pruning part, which requires wearing gloves to avoid skin irritation and making sure not to breathe close to the plant.

plants that cause allergies

3. Fern

Allergy and asthma problems worsen for those who spend much of their time in closed spaces with limited ventilation. Ferns have tall and small leaves which release spores into the air.

plants that cause allergies

4. Weeping Fig

Weeping figs are quite easy to grow and maintain, making them almost every gardener’s favourite plants. The catch is that the plants are not so welcoming to those with allergic conditions. The plants produce allergic particles from the sap, trunk, and leaves.

plants that cause allergies

5. Male Palm Tree

Male palms are some of the worst plants for allergies, they produce a lot of pollen. The pollen is as light as a feather and can be easily spread throughout the house. So, if you wish to have palm trees in your home, make sure that they are female palms.

plants that cause allergies

Final Words

Now that you know some plants are not good for allergic individuals, make the best impressions on your loved ones with safe air purifier plants online like Money Plant and herbs. Choose the ideal plants by type, size, vases and more with online plant shopping. Take the plant gift surprise a step further with personalised vases from online plant and flower stores.