Money Plants House Decor Ideas

Everybody loves to have money plants in their homes as these plants are associated with bringing good luck, fortune, and prosperity. But not many know how to make the plant a part of their home decor. We have some cool and easy money plant decoration ideas here. Get your pick and decorate your home with the money plants.

money plant decoration ideas

Money Plant In Decorative Standing Bottles -

It is like putting the basic art to work. You surely have some empty bottles in your home, and who doesn’t love to play with colours. This is, by far, the easiest and the most tailor-made idea to decorate a home with a money plant. You can paint the bottles with colours and in a pattern that complements your interior.

money plant decoration ideas

Money Plant In Hanging Glass Bottles -

Money plant decoration in the balcony can be donned easily using the bottles. Along with some empty bottles, you need hangers and wires. There are so many different ways to hang money plants potted in the bottles on your balcony. You can hang a single bottle, or you can go with a pair of two or three.

money plant decoration ideas

Money Plant In Glass Bulb -

Getting crazy and creative with home decoration is such a thing. One such money plant decoration idea is growing the plant in a glass bulb. You can use expired or faulty bulbs available in your home. You can choose to hang the bulb with a wire, or you can put it on the center table using a profound and steady base. You can easily find such pre-potted plants if you try to buy money plants online in India.

money plant decoration ideas

Money Plant Wall Decor In Designer Net -

As you know, money plants have stems that love to hatch upon something, and they can take the shape as you want them. So, instead of growing them in the simplest way, use the power and give a perfect green look to your wall. The designer net in the picture is just an example as you can explore many more designs in the market. Use inside your hall or as a money plant decoration on the balcony.

money plant decoration ideas

Money Plant In Science Lab Flask & Wooden Stand -

Are you a lover of science? Do you want to have something eye-catching and lucky in your home? Well, we think that having a money plant in your home in the way shown in the picture is just so thrilling. It looks like the plants are coming straight out from the science lab. Money plant decoration ideas at creative best!

money plant decoration ideas

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