Top 10 Fascinating Adult Cake Designs For Birthday

Regardless of age, birthday cake designs are adored by everyone. They may be kids or adults - everyone loves the cakes. But for kids, there are cake designs readily available; but, as we look for adult cake designs, it is pretty challenging to find the most fascinating one. We seek birthday cake for her or him but still get confused about which unique cake design can allure them. Therefore, today, we have come up with beautiful birthday cake designs for adults that will leave your loved ones wow. These cakes are adorable and can be used on any adult’s birthday, and everyone would love them.

Fascinating Adult Cake Designs For Birthday

So, let’s have a look at unique birthday cake designs for adults that we have gathered for you.

1. Crunchy KitKat Cake

The best adult cake design that we find is a round-shaped cake topped with KitKat and Kitkat shavings at the sides. This is one of the birthday cake designs for adults that you can choose. The delicious taste of chocolate and the crunchiness of Kitkat will woo one’s heart. So, without thinking twice, we believe you should try this crunchy KitKat cake soon on any occasion.

Crunchy KitKat Cake

2. Beer Cake

Another trending adult cake design that you should look forward to is a beer shaped cake. This cake is a perfect fit for your friends who are hardcore beer drinkers. So, get this birthday cake design for your dear grown-up friend and surprise them with this delicious exotic cake. The beer cake is for a friendship that never grows old.

Beer Cake

3. Exotic Designer Cake

Moving forward to another unique birthday cake design for adults is a designer cake in decadent flavours. You can customise this cake according to your dear one's choice. If they are fashionists, then Chanel or Dolce and Gabbana customised cake will go fine. If they are PUBG fans, then go for it. For a makeup artist or a football fan, you can design a cake according to their choices. So, people love these adult cake designs for their dear ones.

Exotic Designer Cake

4. Flowery Red Velvet Cake

This is a simple adult cake design to offer, but red velvet is a cake that adults love to devour. For the person who resides in your heart, this cake is for them. Flowery red velvet cake is covered with white buttercream. Then a red flower covers the top, making it look heavenly good. So, if you are looking for a simple birthday cake design for adults, then choose this serene cake today.

Flowery Red Velvet Cake

5. Decadent Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu - an Italian coffee dessert that has been ruling the world now. If your friend is fond of Italian cuisine, the Tiramisu adult cake design will definitely wow them. So, we think you can go with this extraordinary and unique birthday cake design for adults this time. The scrumptious flavours of the coffee will be a perfect delicacy to devour after birthday dinner. So, without thinking twice, add it to your list of fascinating adult cake designs.

Decadent Tiramisu Cake

6. Edible Poster Cake

Why aren’t we talking about posters or photo cakes? This adult cake design is pretty famous among all. People love to have their most cherished or funny memory on the cake and love to cut it on their birthday. If not the most loved memory, then they choose their favourite game or movie to celebrate their birthday in style. So, do not forget to try this lip-smacking unique birthday cake design for adults this time.

Edible Poster Cake

7. Premium Chocolate Flower Cake

Another adult cake design on the list is premium chocolate flower cake that will satiate your loved one’s sweet tooth, and its chocolicious taste will notch up the celebration. The dark chocolate covering this cake, along with two chocolate flowers - nobody can resist this cake for sure. So, as you look for a unique birthday cake design for adults, we believe they will love it.

8. Photo Reel Cake

We all are aware of photo cakes but a cake having an edible photo reel attached at the sides make it more interesting and devouring for sure. This time, without thinking twice, you should have your hands on this adult cake design. The photo reel cake will bring back cherished memories, and your dear ones will love to have it on their main day.

9. Heart-Shaped Strawberry Rose Cake

If you are planning to propose on your loved one’s birthday, then this is the cake you need. Strawberry flavours, the red fondant at the top with beautiful roses made of cream adorned makes it a unique birthday cake design for adults. Red is the colour of love, so is this cake that will leave them in awe. This adult cake design will add glitters to the celebrations.

Heart-Shaped Strawberry Rose Cake

10. Choco Ferrero Fusion

A fusion is what adults like to have. So, this time as you look for adult cake design, consider choco Ferrero fusion as well. This cake has the chocolates and crunchiness of Ferrero that makes it an extraordinary cake design for adults. So, grab this cake and leave no chance to impress your dear ones with this unique birthday cake design for adults.

Choco Ferrero Fusion


These are some of the cakes that will fascinate your friends and family. So, choose your favourite adult cake designs and impress your dear ones with your choice. You can order online cakes via FlowerAura and get cake delivery in Delhi in no time. Every lip-smacking flavour and design are available at this online cake bakery. You just need to scroll through and choose the best birthday cake design for adults from our portal, and our on-time delivery service, freshly baked cake and flavours will leave you wow.