June Birth Flowers - Rose and Honeysuckle

As the summer begins, no other blooming bloom signifies the ultimate sweetness and flawless beauty of the new season than the rose! Yes, the rose is the primary June month flower. Although there are two June month flowers, the rose and the honeysuckle. You might be familiar with the charming roses and their varieties, but the honeysuckle is not a popular flower as they grow on flowering vines or shrubs. These flowers are also not used much in the bouquets, and that is why they are not seen much by the general public. Although if you are a flower enthusiast, then you might know about these beautiful flowers. So, let’s get to know about both of these flowers that bloom in June and are June month flowers.

June Birth Flowers

The Rose

There’s obviously something special about roses because it has inspired many poets, painters, and writers for centuries. The beautiful flower is used by lovers to express their heartfelt emotions, and people even compare the beauty of their loved ones with beautiful roses. Amazing, isn’t it?

The name ‘rose’ is derived from the Latin word rosa. During the Roman times, roses were developed mainly in the Middle East and were utilized as medication, scents, and at festivities as confetti. In England, roses as tokens suited the vibes of romantic Victorian age. The popular fifteenth century “War of the Roses” was titled because of its wartime symbolism. Red represented Lancaster and White represented York; the two groups were fighting for the control of the nation. The significant roses were celebrated after William Shakespeare, and different writers wrote about the battle, although the name wasn’t quite famous until the nineteenth century.

The Rose

Roses are available in different colours, and each of them has a different meaning and significance. Below are the popular meanings of each of them.

- White roses symbolise purity, innocence and youthfulness.
- Ivory roses symbolise charm, thoughtfulness and gracefulness.
- Peach roses symbolise modesty, sincerity, genuineness and gratitude.
- Pink roses symbolise femininity, elegance, refinement and sweetness.
- Orange roses symbolise desire, fascination, enthusiasm and energy.
- Yellow roses symbolise friendship, joy and caring.
- Lavender roses symbolise enchantment, wonder, splendour and mystery.
- Red roses symbolise passion, true love, romance and desire.

People send the roses according to the feelings that they want to express to the recipient. To convey a strong message, people often go for mixed roses bouquet. You can even pair the roses with lilies, purple orchids, etc. and they will still look pretty charming!

The Honeysuckle

Another June flower that represents everlasting bonds of love. Honeysuckle blossoms are magnets for hummingbirds! There are bush forms of honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima), which make incredible hedges, and there are vining structures, for example, the trumpet honeysuckle (L. sempervirens). The flowers generally don’t look great in floral arrangements or bouquets.


So, that was all about the June flowers. If you have got a friend or family member whose birthday is falling in the month of June, you can surprise them with a delightful bouquet of vibrant roses. Let them feel special with your special gesture.

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