10 Useful Gifts for Students

Without any long intro, and some senseless buildup, let’s take you through the useful gifts for students.

10 Useful Gifts for Students

Stress Balls

Student life is full of stress. Exams, class tests, homework, annual function performance, and assembly speeches, there is stress everywhere every day. Many students counter it by having fun and playing some games, but some students take a load of stress. Stress balls can help them relax and are available in countless designs.

Stress Balls for Students

Table Lamp

Table lamps may sound an old thing, but it is a very useful item for those students who are madly in love with studies. Students that prepare for higher studies and competitive exams find it beneficial to study at night because of the elimination of disturbance. That’s where the lamp will be of their help and use.

Table Lamp

Personalised Water Bottle

Be it school days, college life, or prepping up for highly competitive exams in rented rooms away from home, drinking an optimum amount of water is so necessary to keep the energy levels high. Out of many personalised gifts, a water bottle is something that will help the students to keep their body hydrated.

Personalised Water Bottle  for Students

Cool Backpack

As soon the students start their college life, the zest of being cool and swaggy strikes them. And at that age, parents can’t even scold them much. At that time, students should be handled with love. A cool backpack is one of the useful gifts for college students as it will help them to stay cool, and they will feel that parents do care about their likes and dislikes.

Cool Backpack for Students

Study Table

For a fruitful study time, it is necessary to have study essentials, and a study table is one of them. It’s sad that many parents don’t think much about that. Use of a study table helps students to build focus and keep their body away from back and neck pains which can also lead to severe headaches.


Kindle is a gadget designed and marketed by Amazon. It enables users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store. Gifting it to students can help them to read and learn things out of the syllabus and also help in increasing vocabulary.

Kindle for Students


This one is specifically a useful gift for medical students. Stethoscopes are used by almost all types of doctors for auscultation or listening to sounds produced by the body. Gifting it to somebody in med school is more than a good move. You may need to pick the right stethoscope depending on the receiver's training.

Stethoscope for medical students

Quiz Games

There are lots and lots of quiz games available in the market for students of all age groups. By gifting quiz games to students, you will help them to sharpen their minds along with a fun time away from the studies. Quiz games can help improve logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities of the students.

Quiz Games for Students

Sports Club Membership

Student life should not be full of studies. There have to be fun and extracurricular activities to keep their mind fresh. A year-long membership subscription of a sports club is such a useful gift for students. And God knows if they came to know about their hidden talent and can make a successful career in any sport.

Sports Club Membership for College Students

Blue Ray Glasses

Today’s advanced teaching techniques incorporate the use of gadgets like mobile phones and computers. Well, modern methods are helping students in many ways, but the harmful rays from devices can lead to weak eyesight. That’s why gifting blu-ray protected glasses to students is useful. Keep it fashionable with the choice of frame!

Blue Ray Glasses for Students


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