Best Peacock Rakhi Designs for your Brother

As the festival of Raksha Bandhan is soon approaching, the gift industry has geared up to offer its customers something different. Hence, various peacock rakhi designs for brother came in the limelight as people hit some of the peacock rakhi online and offline stores. Peacock or Indian blue peafowl, as it is referred to, is a large, colourful pheasant predominantly known for its iridescent tails. More than 60 per cent of this beautiful bird’s body is said to be covered with blue, black, green and other such hues. Surprisingly, the male species of this bird seems to be prettier than the female ones. Quite a few poems, prose and beautiful lines have been dedicated to this bird species, and finally, many creative gifting stores thought of incorporating it in Rakhi. Also, one might not know that a peacock is an auspicious symbol of protection, as per some Hindu mythology belief. Hence, as this bird is known for protecting one from evil and mishappenings, bringing the concept of peacock rakhi quite seems evident and makes it seem to be the very essence of this festival itself.

Best Peacock Rakhi Designs for your Brother

Since then, peacock rakhi designs have been a major hit in this industry and every loving sister has been eyeing over, every year. Here we present before you - some of the best peacock rakhi designs for you to treat your loving brother over. While most of these ideas can be found over the world wide web, if you feel that you are creative enough then you can even try to make any of these peacock rakhis at home.

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1. Kundan Stone Studded Peacock Rakhi

The intricate Kundan stone detailing coming in and as a Rakhi is sure to make a beautiful one, indeed. No less than owning a piece of precious jewellery itself, a Kundan stone studded peacock rakhi is sure to make your brother’s heart melt into tears, for sure.

Kundan Stone Studded Peacock Rakhi

2. Peacock Motif Rakhi

This kind of gorgeous piece of Rakhi is for all those brothers who might not prefer to wear some metallic rakhi due to some allergy or some other reasons. A peacock motif rakhi is both- appealing and comfortable to wear and sure to remain close to your brother’s heart forever and ever. If you are wanting to craft this kind of Rakhi then you can easily get a peacock motif from your nearest craft shop and can look for some tutorials online to make it in no time.

Peacock Motif Rakhi

3. Gota Patti Peacock Rakhi

Gift a Gota Patti peacock rakhi to gift your brother a piece of art, this Raksha Bandhan. A colourful Gota Patti rakhi is sure to add more of the vibrant festive vibes in the traditional yet fun Rakhi vibes. You can easily find such kinds of Rakhis online as well as at some Rakhi exhibition.

Gota Patti Peacock Rakhi

4. Designer Peacock Rakhi

First of all, the word “designer” is enough to make your brother skip a beat while catching a glance at this kind of rakhi’s evoking appeal. Then, its priceless jewellery like appeal will make it no less alluring. This Rakhi will be a flaunt worthy affair of your love, once your brother adorns your gifted Rakhi and tells him folks about it.

Designer Peacock Rakhi

5. Zardosi Peacock Rakhi

The royalty of the Zardosi threads that are woven into a beautiful piece of Rakhi is surely a breathtaking one, indeed. Symbolising the stitching of its traditional embroidery to all those golden memories that you have built all these years along with him, is exactly what makes Zardosi Peacock Rakhi so special to celebrate a festival like Raksha Bandhan over.

Zardosi Peacock Rakhi

6. Silver Peacock Rakhi

Apart from holding the charm of being a kind of bracelet that brothers can wear and flaunt in style a silver peacock rakhi has numerous other reasons to be liked. Mythologically speaking, silver holds a factor of piousness that is attached to it, which seems to be a perfect Rakhi to celebrate this festival.

Silver Peacock Rakhi

7. Rudraksha Peacock Rakhi

When the holy teardrops of Lord Shiva (as it is said) is accompanied by a peacock in a Rakhi, it is sure to please your brother, for sure. Firstly, because of its beautiful symbolism and secondly, because of its undying appealing.

Rudraksha Peacock Rakhi

8. Meenakari Peacock Rakhi

The enchanting art of Meenakari comes to life in the form of Meenakari Peacock Rakhis. Each Meenakari Rakhi is hand painted, crafted by skilled artisans, and boasts vibrant colours and intricate patterns, creating a visual spectacle that captures the essence of the majestic peacock, making them an exclusive handmade peacock rakhi collection. Each stroke of Meenakari work reflects the meticulous craftsmanship, making this Rakhi a cherished symbol of heritage and affection.

Meenakari Peacock Rakhi

9. Peacock Bracelet Rakhi

Innovatively blending tradition with contemporary style, Peacock Bracelet Rakhis add a touch of elegance to the celebrations. These intricate wrist accessories secure the bond and serve as fashionable keepsakes that can be adorned as fashionable accessories post auspicious tidings.

Peacock Bracelet Rakhi

10. Wooden Peacock Rakhi

Wooden Peacock Rakhis are a perfect choice for those seeking eco-conscious and rustic charm. Handmade with precision, these Rakhis highlight the beauty of nature's elements. The wooden peacock charm evokes simplicity and timelessness, embodying the eternal bond shared between siblings. Choosing a Wooden Peacock Rakhi signifies celebrating Raksha Bandhan with sustainable and heartfelt sentiments.

Wooden Peacock Rakhi

So, these were some of the handpicked peacock rakhi designs that your brother is secretly wishing for. This Raksha Bandhan, gift something different than just a rakhi made of holy thread and some fancy beads. It would really mean the world to your loving brother.