Flower Yoga Pose - Inspired by Lotus Flower

“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can control what goes on inside.”

Yoga is a kind of exercise that has a positive effect on our life. We all are aware about the popularity of yoga exercises and how it is rapidly being adapted in different countries. There are both mental and physical health benefits of performing yoga exercises and that is why a day is also dedicated for the celebration of yoga all around the world. International Yoga Day falls on June 21 and people across the world perform yoga exercises in mass gatherings to spread awareness and to release positive vibes in the environment.

Flower Yoga Pose - Inspired by Lotus Flower

There are so many different yoga poses that are inspired by animals and plants. But do you know that there is a flower yoga pose known as “Vikasitakamalasana” in Sanskrit language and the pose is inspired by Lotus flower? The pose is also known as blossoming Lotus pose, flowering Lotus pose, or floating Lotus pose. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this amazing flower yoga pose.

- Opens your chest and hips
- Strengthens your arms
- Develops your core muscles
- Boosts your energy
- Increases your coordination skills and balance

The flower pose is simply a bound angle pose with a parity, and is one of our most loved themed yoga poses for celebrating the International Yoga Day. The hip opener stretches and reinforces the inward thighs, groins, lower legs, and back while improving stance. Including the balance helps in focus and core strength.

The exercise is often performed during transition to meditation. The seated yoga poses like this flower pose are perfect when you are overwhelmed and it is also one of the kid’s favorite stretches.

Imagine that your spine is the stem and your arms and legs are the petals. This posture encourages strengthening, flexibility, and balance. Make this activity real fun by putting flowers on your feet and head while practicing this pose. You can buy the flowers in India easily to make this activity more exciting on the International Yoga Day.

Flower Yoga Pose

How to Make Flower Pose?

- Start the yoga exercise in a comfortable seated position.
- Bend your knees and then place the soles of your feet together.
- Roll your outer thighs downwards, opening the hips and sit tall.
- Slide hands under your ankles through the diamond of your legs, and then under your ankles with palms facing upwards.
- Lift the legs away from the floor and balance on your sitting bones.
- Keep your spine straight and your core engaged.
- Neck, face, and shoulders should be in a relaxing position.

How to Master the Flower Pose?

- If you have extremely close hip flexors, you may see that it is hard to sit straight in this posture. Take a fluffy cloth like blanket and place it under your hips to give yourself more space to tenderly open the hips.
- Take a couple of breaths in bound angle before moving into the balance so you feel stable and grounded in your position.
- If you feel any distress in your knees, soothe the pressure by putting blocks beneath the outer thighs.
- Lift and open the chest to make space in the chest, shoulders, and neck.
- Concentrate on your breathing and find calm as you perform this yoga exercise.

So, that was all about the great flower yoga pose. Perform it on this International Yoga Day with your friends and family and make it a habit to perform this and many more yoga asanas for an amazing mental, physical, and spiritual health.