10 Emotional Father's Day Greeting Card Messages From Daughter

When a man becomes a father to a daughter, he transforms in so many ways; mentally and emotionally. He no longer manifests the hard as a coconut personality; rather, his daughter comes to see his soft, loving side. Who was once a brave man is now a protector who gets worried when her little girl hides under the couch during the game of hide and seek.

A father of a daughter is no more the angry young man, but a human with a heart that bleeds seeing his daughter cry. From a son to lover to husband, finally when a man becomes a father to a daughter; he becomes a warrior, unsung hero, and forever lover of his daughter who can go to any lengths for her.

Father's Day Messages

1. I just want to let you know that you mean the world to me, only a heart as dear as yours would give unselfishly. For all the things you have done and all the times you were there for me, they tell me how much you care. I may not say, but I appreciate all you do and feel blessed to have a father just like you.

2. Anyone can be a father. But, it takes someone very special to be a dad, papa, appa, daddy. And for me, you are that special one. Happy Father’s Day! Write down this heartfelt message for him in handmade fathers day cards from daughter and watch his heart melt into happy tears.

3. Being a good father can easily go unnoticed, yet it is one of the most valuable assets for the family. Here’s to celebrating you today, every day of the year, and forever. Happy Father’s Day!

4. Every girl dreams to be a princess, but I have never dreamed of that because I have always been treated and treasured like a princess by you papa. I love you! Let him know how good you feel because of him and extend your vote of thanks in a father's day greeting cards from daughter handmade with love.

5. Thank You, Dad, for making me feel protected and loved, always and forever.

6. Manjil dur hai aur safar bahut hai, chhoti si zindagi ki fikar bahut hai, maar daalti hai ye duniya kab ki humein lekin papa ke pyaar mein bahut asar hai. Happy Father’s Day.

7. Papa ka pyaar nirala hai, papa ke saath rishta nyaara hai, iss rishte jaisa koi aur nahi, yahi rishta duniya mein sab se pyaara hai. Happy Father’s Day. Such a heartfelt message written in father's day cards from daughter will make him cry happy tears.

8. Meri duniya mein jo itni shauhart hai, meri papa ki badaulat hai. Bahut, bahut pyaar papa, Happy Father’s Day!

9. Meri pehchaan aapse hai papa, kya kahun aap mere liye kya ho, rehne ko hai paron ke neeche zameen, par mere liye mera aasmaan aap ho. Happy Father’s Day!!

10. Apne papa ko aaj main kya uphaar dun? Tohfein dun ya gulaab ka haar dun? Meri zindagi mein jo hai sabse pyaara, uss par main apni zindagi hi vaar dun. Happy Father’s Day, papa! This heartwarming message in fathers day greetings from daughter will be the world’s best gift for him; trust us.