Enchant Him With Romantic Gifts, This Karwa Chauth

The vibrancy of Karwa Chauth has taken the married women by the storm. From searching for that pink-red blingy outfit to finalizing the henna design to fantasizing about the Karwa Chauth look, it seems they are all ready to play the pati-vrata naari to their husbands on the festival of Karwa Chauth.

Romantic Karwa Chauth Gifts for Husband

Well, we know all the lovely ladies out there are all set to rock the day with their lotd (look of the day) but have you thought of a gift for your husband for whom you are going to fast. Chances are, you are clueless about it. It comes as no surprise to us. Amidst all the hustle-bustle of Karwa Chauth preparations, one is bound to get forgetful about Karwa Chauth special gift for husband. With us by your side, you will never miss an opportunity to have a lovey-dovey moment with your hubby.

So, to help you romantically celebrate Karwa Chauth and to spice up things in your marital bliss, we have created got for you an endearing list of gift ideas for husband on Karwa Chauth. We bet you he will be bowled over once again with this gesture of yours. Thank us later!

1. Cutesy Boxers

Perhaps, you have exhausted all your gifting options for dearest husband. If this is the reality, it’s time for gifting revolution, lovely dames! Get your hands on a handful of cute little soft boxers with kinky prints and gift it as Karwa Chauth surprise gifts for husband. By adding a little bit of cuteness to your festive joy, you make way for adorable Karwa Chauth memories.

Cutesy Boxers

2. Gentlemen’s Stuff

There’s something drooling about dapper men. That well-groomed hair and beard, rolled up sleeves, crisped buttoned shirt, Oh! What a sight. To help your husband look more dashing and gentlemen than ever, buy him a box of tie and cufflinks-- the gentlemen’s stuff. But, hold your breath as you can’t help but gasp for air because he is going to heat up the atmosphere around with his charm.

Gentlemen’s Stuff

3. PS: I Love You

As Karwa Chauth is coming near, we can feel the whirlwind of love blowing around. Can you? Well, we guess you are drenched in love heavily. So, it’s time to woo the heart of your husband once again, but this time in a creative manner. Handcraft a box of notes with romantic messages and gift to him on the day of the festival. Surely, this would be the best gift for Karwa Chauth for husband because it contains the aroma of your hard work and thoughtfulness.

PS - I Love You

4. Be The Masseur

If you are fasting for him and he for you, then you both will be needing this. Fasting whole day without consuming food and water is undoubtedly exhausting. Therefore, you can help each other relax affectionately by creating a mini spa-like ambience at your home.

 Be The Masseur

5. The Pleasure Box

Well, this gift idea will surely steam up the intimacy in your relationship, and the occasion of Karwa Chauth creates a conducive environment to escalate the pleasure and fun in your married life. Gift him a box with chocolates and all the kinky stuff (you need no guidelines for this because we know you are a pro ;)) and leave him all amazed.

The Pleasure Box

This Karwa Chauth, let love and romance overflow with these romantic gift ideas. If you have anything more lovely and interesting, we would love to hear from you.