Gifts for your bhukkad boyfriend

They say, “The way to every man’s heart is through their belly”. Some people call this to be a myth, while some others like to call it a fact. Nonetheless, if this point happens to be true in your case and if your boyfriend’s heart is guided by his belly, then probably his whole life he has been looking for someone who understands this fact and pampers him accordingly. So, be it, valentine’s day or his birthday, these are a few gifting suggestions that are sure to make him feel weak on his knees for you. While some like to shop for these gift ideas for bf online, while others like to shop at from some nearby store.

Gifts for Foodie Partner

Hey Ladies! What are you waiting for then? Let’s get started with what to gift to treat his foodie soul.

1. Quirky Text-Tees

Brighten up his day by gifting a quirky T-shirt which brings a smile on his face as he adorns it. If you are wondering where to find one from, then you can absolutely consider looking it at some online T-shirt store or some nearest garment store, as well. As your boyfriend doesn’t mind gaining some calories, he surely would not mind flaunting that through the T-shirt you gifted.

T-Shirt Gifts

2. Chocolate Hamper

We all know, with chocolate everything seems better! So, whether you are looking to gift something special on your date night or to cheer your boyfriend with a happy dose of aphrodisiac (*wink**wink*), a chocolate hamper works like magic.

Chocolate Gifts

3. Celebratory Drinks

If your boyfriend is not just into food items but equally loves to enjoy his drink, occasionally, then it’s like a double bonanza. You can surprise your love with a bottle of celebratory drink like champagne or wine. So that, later you can enjoy it together. Sounds like a plan, right? To accompany the bottle you can look for some glasses to pour the drink into and to let the good times roll.

Celebratory Drink

4. Hunger Kit

We often keep wondering how do we end up gaining soo much of calories. Well, it seems quite evident when the hunger strikes us, we tend to start munching anything junk, we find. No wonder how much he loves to gorge upon these things, but you care for his health, as well, so gift him a hunger kit to solve this issue. You can find some of the great options over some online gift store or you can go ahead and make a hamper for him. The aim is to add healthy, munchy and that tastes, good enough.

Hunger Kit Gift

5. Personalised Mugs

Whether he is a coffee lover or a chai lover, he will love sipping it in a personalised mug which you shall gift him. As every type of gift, these days come with personalisation option, so the options for mugs aren’t also limited. You can either look for something funny food-related quote mugs or can get a picture of him printed while he proves to be foodie.

Personalised Mug

These were a few of the ideas to treat your foodie boyfriend with. While the list goes long enough, as per your imagination and creativity. Just a little tip, once you are wondering what to gift, think from his foodie’s belly point of view and not from yours. No matter what you gift, how big or small, it is, don’t forget to put along a lovely note, written with all of your love in it. He is not just going to like it, rather, trust us, he is going to love it!