How to Decorate Bhai Dooj Pooja Thali or Aarti Thali in a Unique Way?

Bhai Dooj marks the end of the five-day Diwali celebrations. Bhai Dooj Tithi usually falls on the second day after Amavasya and celebrates the bond of brother and sister. This year Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on 29th October 2019. On this day, the sisters think of out of the box for Bhai Dooj thali decoration ideas to perform the rituals of Bhai Dooj. They apply kumkum tilak on the foreheads of their brothers and pray for their well being and do that aarti. This is followed by the exchange of bhai dooj gifts for brother as well as sisters and blessings.Bhai dooj thali which is used for puja purposes is an important part of the Bhai Dooj ceremony. A decorated bhai dooj pooja thali helps in performing formal Bhai Dooj puja in a dignified and graceful manner, besides reflecting a sister's belief in traditional values ​​and love towards her brother. Every year sisters make a lot of effort to think of best Bhai Dooj thali decoration. A lot of efforts are done to make the best to decorate the thali which is better than the previous year. The painstaking efforts of the sisters are compensated with brotherly affection and lots of gifts.

1. A decorated puja thali or aarti plate is an integral part of Hindu culture and rituals. You can buy bhai dooj pooja thali online as well as offline at some pooja samagrih store. Whether it is a wedding ceremony or a festival, this thali of devotions not only fulfil the rites but also look fashionable. It is always necessary to prepare a proper puja thali, as even a small missing thing can leave your puja incomplete as per Hindu mythology. So, this Bhai Dooj, prepare an attractive puja thali for your brother's long life. Here is how you can decorate your Bhai Dooj pooja thali:

2. Bhai Dooj Puja Thali can be decorated in an innovative manner using flower and petals, beads-sequins, roli-chawal and kalawa, zari, gotta, lace, mirrors, and paint. Love for brother, faith in the custom and a little imagination is required to prepare the best and most beautiful Puja Thali. Some people also keep fruit and an omen of seven paan (betel nut) in the bag. A sacred symbol of 'Swastik' is drawn with a finger in the center of the plate with a red tika.

3. Pick a medium-sized thali along with some beautiful bhai dooj gift ideas for brother. Adjust each and everything and place a new handkerchief on it. Opt for a metal puja plate and not a plastic one. One needs to cover their head during the puja, hence it is one of the important items which needs to be placed in the thali. Other than that, you need to place vermilion, rice, water in a pot, sweets, lamp, coconut and a holy thread for the puja rituals.

4. Puja Thali is a popular gift option for siblings on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. One can conveniently shop for Puja Thalis via various Bhai Dooj Shopping sites such as FlowerAura. They have a plethora of Bhai Dooj pooja thali such as gold, copper, brass, steel, and silver embellished with zari and velvet cloth. Apart from that, some exclusive thalis come with decorative diyas, incense stick stands with an engraved designer pattern, etc.