Know Different Types Of Plant Fertilizers And Their Benefits

Plants, like all other living things, need a conducive environment for growth and development. They thrive with consistent care, well-draining and fertile soil. While some plant fertilizer grow better in certain conditions, the amount and type of fertilizers makes a significant difference. In this post, we share the different types of plant fertilizers and their benefits. Read on.

benefits of fertilizers

First things first

There are many forms of fertilizers. Some fertilizers come in powder, granular, and liquid forms. So, it is important to know the benefits of fertilizers. Powder and granular fertilizers are applied by hand or with scoopers. Simply spread the fertilizer on top of the soil, the fertilizer will dissolve into the soil. You can dissolve the fertilizer by pouring water, covering with soil, or just let it dissolve slowly in the ground. Liquid fertilizers are usually dilluted with the water used for irrigation. You can pour ferilizer in a spray tank or hose attachment depending on the plants you wish to fertilize.

benefits of fertilizers

Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is a natural food for the plants. The fertilizers are made using cow dung from dead animals and plants. The most convenient way to make organic fertilizers is by creating a compost. There are many ways of creating organic fertilizers, it is important to take in to consideration the type of plants and the space at your disposal. If you are planning to use organic fertilizers for your indoor plants, then you should consider setting up the compost outside the house.

benefits of fertilizers


- Using organic fertilizers allows the soil to maintain large amounts of nutrients than using inorganic fertilizers.

- Improve the long-term productivity of soil, and may prove a large depository for excess carbon dioxide.

Inorganic fertilizer

While organic fertilizers can be made from home using plant leaves and brunches, they lack some nutrients essential for other plants and type of soil. Inorganic fertilizers are a product of a chemical reaction designed for specific plants and soil conditions. So, the fertilizers have high concentration levels for certain chemicals not available in organic fertilisers. If you are planning to give your plants a quick boost, then inorganic fertilizers are the perfect pick.

benefits of fertilizers


- A greater percentage of the fertilizer is lost through erosion and leaching.

- Too much use of chemical fertilizers can couse issues like water pollution, leaching, weakening plant tolerance to diseases, and reduce the soil fertility.

- Soley relying on chemical fertilizers while practising intensive farming can couse soil degradation.

Nitrogen fertilizers

Nitrogen is a important nutrient for plants in the growth phase. Usually when plants reach this crucial stage, they have minimum levels of nitrogen! Adding nitrogen fertilizer to the plants at the stage will help boost their health. Both inorganic and organic fertilizers have nitrogen in them.

benefits of fertilizers

Phosphate fertilizers

While most fertilizers are applied at certain times during the plant’s life cycle, phosphate fertilizers must be applied throughout the plants life. Stunted growth is a sign that a plant has insufficient phosphorus. Phosphate strengthens plant stems and the root system for flower, fruit, and seed plants.

benefits of fertilizers

Potassium fertilizers

Leafy and bushy plants are a sign of good gardening practices. But, with a lack of potassium - not all the time! Sometimes plants with a promissing growth can take a sudden change. Potassium is an essential fertilizer that promotes plants to grow stronger and healthier roots. The compounds in the fertilizer help build up a resistance from mineral defficiencies and diseases.

benefits of fertilizers

Wrapping Up

There you have the different types of fertilizers and their benefits! Make your dream garden come to life by adding plants that thrive in your garden and know the right type of fertilizer for plants. With the help of online florists, you can buy Bonsai plants online & nurseries, fertilizers, and garden equipment.