How To Celebrate Mother's Day in 2022 on Social Media

Mom, MUM, Maa, Momy, she has many names. Mothers is not just a word but an emotion that can not be described in words. Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world as a special day dedicated to all the beautiful mothers. Every family member has some sort of mothers day gifts.

How To Celebrate Mother's Day in 2022 on Social Media

A gift that they would have spent weeks shopping for. It's time to start thinking about different ways to celebrate motherhood on your social media platforms! There's nothing like yelling at social media to tell mom she's number one. Here are different ways to celebrate mother’s day on social media!

Share a photo with her

Y'all have posted pictures of your mom or with your mom on social media. This mother's day social media posts should be different and unique. Post a picture of your beloved mother or anyone who is equal to your mother on your social media with a heartfelt message. Whether you choose to post her solo picture or a family photo, this is a special way to encourage motherhood. If she is on social media, tag her along with her friends and let her know how much you love her.

Nominate Mothers in your Community

Not all the mothers are on social media. What you can do is invite your followers to nominate the women in your life who have made them feel special. Have them share a photo of her and you can tag them if they are on social media. Using a hashtag in honor of your mother with a promise to donate a specific amount per tweet, post, photo, etc. is a great way to make a meaningful gift that also gives back to the community.

Digital Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Hosting a virtual scavenger hunt is one of the most fun ideas that you can choose to celebrate on social media. The first thing you can do is to invite groups of mothers and their children to a virtual meeting. Then, you can plan a scavenger hunt with the mum and children together. This is the best way to engage everyone and interact with each other.

Mothers Day GiveAways

A give away is the best way to promote or encourage the audience. This mothers day, plan a giveaway on instagram. For example

  • You can ask them to post their favorite picture on instagram and tag 5 people
  • Best lesson your mom has taught you.

Hosting a giveaway on Instagram is simple and a great opportunity to expose your brand to a new audience! You can choose to send mothers day flowers, plants, jewelry, gifts, etc.

Create an Event

Another thing you can do to celebrate mothers day is to host an event online where you can ask everyone who is a mother or would be mother to join and talk to each other and share their view about how it feels to be a mother. You can send invites to mother influencers and bloggers and ask them to motivate and guide other mothers.

Celebrate mother day with these social media ideas and pamper her with a special mother day cake and gifts online. Happy mothers day!

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