Know Some Widely Used Flower Fillers

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”– Zen Shin

And this is what makes the flower of every kind special, be it, some protagonist flowers like roses, carnations, lilies,etc., or some flowers which are often sidelined or underrated known as the bouquet filler flowers.

A bunch of flowers on a single stem or flower head are known as the bouquet filler flowers, which are used to fill spaces in a bouquet are called bouquet fillers. For any beautiful flower arrangement to outdo itself, a florist needs to beautify it with colourful filler flowers for bouquets. Bouquet filler flowers are like the very foundation of beautiful bouquets as they provide a design framework as well as acts as a bundle of supporting flowers. Flower Fillers tend to bring life to beautiful bouquets, making it seem even more precious. But if you are wondering, which flowers are these excellent flower arrangement fillers, then this blog will provide you with some filler flowers names which add to vibrant, romantic to another colourful appeal to your regular blooms.

Know Some Widely Used Flower Fillers

1. Bouvardia

Having cutesy star-like flowers will surely help your bouquet to stand out of the crowd. Coming in blissful shades of pink and white, Bouvardia is an excellent flower filler which has a sweet, delicate smell. Bouvardia is said to symbolise one’s enthusiasm while marrying the man/woman of their dreams! Well, it is used as a bouquet filler, but each sem of this flower seems like a bunch of flowers in itself.


2. Baby’s Breath

White colour stands for peace, purity and serenity and which is what makes every flower of white colour super unique. Popularly used as a white flower filler, Baby’s Breath also colours in other familiar white textures. Its name comes from the delicateness of a baby which in turn helps this exquisite flower symbolising innocence. Although Baby’s Breath is also known as Angel’s Breath and is most commonly used as a filler, it can be used alone to bundle up a fluffy, cloud-like floral arrangement.

Baby’s Breath

3. Dusty Miller

While Baby’s Breath is a popular white filler, Dusty Miller is a popular green filler. Symbolising happiness and delicacy, this filler is primarily used in a garden-like bouquet. It has a natural leafy, velvety smooth texture which perfectly compliments colourful blooms like peonies, roses, carnations, among many others. It is usually found in either lacy leaf-like structure or flat leaf-like structure.

Dusty Miller

4. Feverfew Daisies

Probably, if daisies had their long-lost twins, it would something look like this popular filler called Feverfew Daisies. Adding a dash of wildness with some freshly-picked beautiful blooms having long feathery stems is sure a boon to a bouquet set. If you feel that your bouquet seems pretty dull, then add these bright- yellow centred blooms with serene white petals surrounding it, to your bouquet and let it cast a magical spell.

Feverfew Daisies

5. Fiddlehead Fern

Having some flower filler which is made available all year round is a sheer blessing. And Fiddlehead Fern is just what you need to fill your lovely bouquets with! Having a branch-like stem with a curly tip that spirals at the end and hat comes in different hues from dark green to a deep purple, Fiddlehead fern is simple one of is kind fillers. Its woody texture makes it perfect for giving your floral arrangement an incredible woodland appeal.

Fiddlehead Fern

6. Heather

Tiny fish-like Lil blooms that run along its long branch-like stems, Heather is a perfect species of filler which helps in adding texture and filling the gaps in between. Coming in white, pink, and green hues, Heather is said to be blessed with protective powers and stands for admiration and good luck.


7. Holly

If it’s that time of the year again, then you probably would find his particular kind of fillers in abundance. Bright berry-like fillers which usually grows during November and December add a fresh, natural look to your quintessential bouquet arrangements. Traditionally, Holly is said to represent deference and domestic happiness.


8. Ivy

Wanting to add a touch of garden, vintage or romantic appeal to your bouquet? Then, you have to give Ivy a try! Their loose, unstructured look is sure to take the recipient’s breath away as you gift them on their weddings. Why? Because they represent wedded love, affection, fidelity, and friendship!


9. Leyland Cedar

Widely used during the holiday season, this filler is an excellent choice which can be used to be tucked in a wreath and also in a floral setting. It adds a touch of lush greenery to your regular bouquets. People like to keep this filler as a centrepiece due to its ability to fit in amongst home decor.

Leyland Cedar

10. Lily of the Valley

Nothing speaks of beauty than delicate white fillers and Lily of the Valley is something that woos us all with its tiny bell-shaped blooms and broad basal leaves. Representing purity, humility, happiness and sweetness, Lily of the Valley makes an excellent wedding bouquet filler.

Lily of the Valley

11. Moss

Coming in a fun, green colour, florists all around the world is said to have a good time while playing around with this filler, in particular. Representing maternal love, Moss is excellent for mothers to show your affection towards them.


12. Sword Fern

Standing tall amongst all, this beauty makes everyone heart-eyed for it while it pops out beautifully in a floral arrangement. Getting its name from its sword-like appeal, leather leaf or sword fern makes a perfect choice for decorative filler.

Sword Fern

So, these were a popular flower fillers which are widely used in wedding bouquets to bouquets for other occasions. There are many different types of such fillers, no doubt, which tends to add greenery or any other vibrant hue to your bouquet and eventually to your life.

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