Knowing These 7 Secrets Will Make Your Birthday Cakes Look Amazing

At a birthday party, who is the showstopper? Well, it is not even a question; it is a cake. Birthdays and cakes have a long-established relationship since the middle ages. It is believed that the first birthday cake was made in German, and then a beautiful tradition of cutting cakes at birthdays was born. Now, many people like to order birthday cakes, while many love to bake birthday cakes at home.

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Let’s all admit the pleasure of baking a cake with love for our dearest one’s is out of bounds. However, the major roadblock in experiencing this greatest joy and making the birthday guest of honour feel all the sweet love is how to make the cake look amazing? Not everyone is a pro-baker, but you can still make your birthday cake look like a masterpiece straight out of a reputed bakery.

1. Choose a heart-winning recipe:

Pick a cake recipe that is a crowd-pleaser like chocolate cake as it is the most relished birthday cake flavour or a basic vanilla cake that is a forever hit and easy to bake. Bake the cake by following the recipe thoroughly.

2. Chill the Cake Layers:

Always bake two or three birthday cakes for layering. After baking, allow the cake layers to cool at room temperature. Then, wrap the layers in a plastic wrap and refrigerate it for a minimum of two hours. It is because chilled layers are easy to frost, handle, cut because they are less likely to crumble during the decorating process.

Delicious Layered Cake

3. Use Room Temperature Icing:

In contrast to the chilled cake layers, your icing should be at room temperature and freshly made on the day you wish to decorate the birthday cake. The chilled frosting is harder to work with. As per the baker’s secret, make your buttercream with softened or room temperature butter, covered, until ready to use.

Delicious Layered Cake

4. Pick the right Cake Plate:

Plating of the birthday cake is as essential as the birthday cake itself. Decide well where you wish to show off your creation: cake stand, cake plate, cutting board, heirloom platter. Anything would do as long as it enhances the beauty of your cake. You can invest in geometric-shaped cake stands or antique-finish cake plates, designer cake platters, etc.

5. Do not underestimate Parchment Paper:

If you do not have a cake turntable at home, grab some parchment paper. Put parchment paper under the cake because it will make sliding the circles way easier when covering the layers in buttercream icing on all the four sides. Other alternatives of parchment paper are wax paper, foil paper, paper towel.

Delicious Layered Cake

6. Pick the correct frosting and decorating tools:

There is a reason why bakers swear by frosting tools and supplies. The right frosting nozzles for creating birthday cake designs like flowers, basket, leaves, swirls, dallops; the piping bags, the stencils, fondant rollers, and other tools are of utmost importance for creating an edible beauty. Do invest in the right tools and supplies, it’s important!

7. Decorate with Edibles and Toppers:

Dressing the cake in whipped cream alone would not do the desired magic. You would need to think extra; you would need edible decorations and cake toppers. Sprinklers, chocolates, fruits, powder sugar, syrups, and gems are some of the edibles that you can decorate your cake with. Other than this, adorn the cake with “Happy Birthday topper, paper buntings, confetti balloons, crown, candles, etc.

Delicious Layered Cake

Finally, light up the candles, click a good photo, and present your sweet creation to the birthday guest of honour and the party revellers.

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