A Little Girl Is Born, 111 Trees Are Planted In Her Honor!

Generally, it appears that an expansion in human populace comes with disadvantages to nature, as in stressing assets and infringement on once wild living spaces. But one interesting town in India has come up with a brilliantly eco-conscious initiative that is really assisting with guaranteeing a greener future with each new generation.

111 Trees Are Planted in Honor of Girl Birth

While in certain parts of India, numerous parents despite everything say they want a boy, individuals from the Piplantri town, in the western state of Rajasthan, are breaking this tradition and thinking by happily celebrating the birth of each baby girl in a way that benefits everybody. For each female kid that is born, the village comes together to plant 111 fruit trees in her honor in the town.

This remarkable tradition was first proposed by the town's previous leader, Shyam Sundar Paliwal, in honor of his little girl who had died at a young age.

In the course of the most recent six years alone, as the population there has expanded, townspeople in Piplantri have planted almost a quarter million trees - an inviting woodland for the village’s most youngest individuals, offering a touch of shade for their more promising and green future.

Individuals additionally plant 11 trees whenever a family member passes away.

However, the people of this town didn't simply stop at planting trees and greening their place. To keep these trees from being infected with termite, the inhabitants planted more than two million Aloe Vera plants around them. Presently these trees, particularly the Aloe Vera, are a source of livelihood for many inhabitants.

By looking at the dedication of all the residents of this village, everyone should be inspired by their activities and should come up with such new initiatives of going green to contribute to the well being of nature. You can also buy plants online and surround yourself and the society with greenery. Happy planting!