11 Animal Look Alike Flowers

Flowers bloom in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Here are Mother Nature’s wonders-- Plants That Look Like Animals.

Animal Look Alike Flowers

1. Dracula Simia-- Monkey Face Orchid

A rare orchid flower bearing an uncanny resemblance to a monkey face.

Dracula Simia

2. Phalaenopsis--Moth Orchid

A pink orchid that looks like a bird’s head guarding the nectar.


3. Curio X Peregrinus-- Dolphin Succulents

A rare variety of trailing succulents that appears to look like a pod of leaping Dolphins.

Curio X Peregrinus

4. Ophrys Bomybliflora-- Bumble Bee Orchid

This flower looks like a female bumblebee is sitting on a flower covered with pollen to mate with the male bee. Interesting. Isn’t it?

Ophrys Bomybliflora

5. Impatiens Psittacine--Parrot Flower

A very rare flower species resembling the colourful parrots; hence the name.

Impatiens Psittacine

6. Habenaria Radiata-- White Egret Orchid

If you think white egrets were graceful, wait until you see white egret orchids. The fringed flowers have petals that spread out like wings in flight.

Habenaria Radiata

7. Caleana Major--Flying Duck Orchid

This purple orchid flower petals looks like a flying duck. Surely, nature never fails to amaze!

Caleana Major

8. Peristeria Elata-- Dove Orchids

The formation of the inner petals of the Peristeria Elata has an undeniable resemblance to dove in flight. Take a closer look to witness this flower’s natural mimicry.

Peristeria Elata

9. Orchis Italica--Naked Man Orchid

Native to the Mediterranian, the lobed lip of each orchid mimics the shape of the naked man that gives its name.

Orchis Italica

10. Monilaria Obconica--Rabbit Succulents

Succulents having two stems that look just like a pair of rabbit ears. As they grow, the ear gets longer. We bet you haven't seen a cuter plant than this!

Monilaria Obconica

11. Crotalaria Cunninghamii-- Hummingbird Flowers

Commonly known as the green bird flowers, many associates it with Hummingbird, since they are shaped like small birds in flight and have a beak shaped-stem at the flower’s base.

Crotalaria Cunninghamii

Which flower fascinated you the most? Let us know in the comments below. Flowers are nature’s magnificent creations and appropriate gifts. So, extend the flower bouquet to express your feelings. Explore the website for beautiful varieties of white roses, pink Lilies, red Carnations, purple Orchids. Also read about 10 rare plants list in the world by click here