Lovey-Dovey Love Letter for Him

Loving someone to eternity might be rare, but it is not extinct and would never be. Expressing our deep-rooted feelings through sweet love letters might be a cliche act, for all the millennials out there. But all the Love a Love Letter has in it, can never take the place of any other way of Love expression. That is the reason since the very early days of mankind, lovers have believed in the power of writing a love letter to boyfriend, girlfriend or to their loving partners. And if you are someone who is looking for gifts for your boyfriend then believe us, nothing would be a better gift than I love you letters for him from the heart. Saying a few words to him face to face or texting over WhatsApp would have a temporary effect on him. But a love crafted love letter for boyfriend will be there with him and will be cherished till eternity. So, here are a few sample love letters for him that will leave a mark on his, heart, for now, and forever.

Love Letter For Your Boyfriend

Letter for an LDR Lover

Dear Love,

There has not been a single day that I have not met you in my dreams. Every couple passing by me makes you feel by my side, hand-in-hand. You are the soul of my body and would always be someone who is my human diary. I miss you each passing day and wait for the day when my eyes would open up, next to you.

I might fight with you, but only I have the right to do so. I know, you miss me the same way I do, but Baby, we will be together soon. And always remember, I am just a call away. Sending Love through this love letter, so that you need not scroll up and down our WhatsApp conversations.

  • To Live By Your Side,
  • Is All I Desire!
  • To Be In Your Arms,
  • Is All I Admire!
  • I Am Yours,
  • Today and Forever!
  • Just Be Mine,
  • For Now and Ever!

Love Love and a Happy Valentine’s Day Bunny!

Letter for Long Distance Lover

Letter to Make up for an Argument

Hi Bunny,

You know, it is fair to fight with the one you love? And I Love to fight with you? Wanna know why? Well, simply because the way you try to make things up after that, always steals my heart a little more. Bunny you have been my constant support till date, and I would love you to be my side forever.

You make my smile go wide, my heartbeat faster, and my happiness touches the level of infinity. I hope you won’t mind making things up, every time we fought in the future too. I love you to the moon and back and would keep on doing so, till the time you are a reality. Here sending you to love and a Kiss enclosed, to make up for the fight we had and to flourish with Love, a bit more.

Letter to Make up for an Argument

We are hoping that these two sample Love letters would have ignited the Writer in you and would lead you to write one for your partner. And we promise if written by Heart, you can make your boyfriend fall for you, all over again. So, try your hand and let Love prevail. Happy Letter Writing!

Happy Writing A Love Letter For BF To You!

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