Medicinal Herbs and Their Uses

Going back, there was a time when medicinal plants used to do all the healing and herbs were the only source of medicine that used to keep people healthy and glowing. Now looking at the urban times today, when even after a single cut on our finger, we rush to the doctor, and a minor headache drives us to gulp a dangerous medicine. Which although gives us instant relief but on the other hand, causes thousands of side effects on the body. Whereas medicinal herbs are like a blessing to our body as they help in sucking out toxins from our body, thereby giving us the gift of a healthy and good lifestyle.

Medicinal Herbs and Their Uses

Let’s have a look at some of the Medicinal herbs and their uses:

1. Turmeric

The boon to the cooking industry is none other than turmeric. You can never see any household that misses turmeric in their spice shelf. Besides just adding flavours and bright colour to the food, turmeric has an end number of benefits for the human body. Turmeric is believed to have anti-cancer properties and can prevent DNA mutations. Also, turmeric holds anti-inflammatory properties that can be used in treating burns and bruises. On top of that, turmeric is a very favourite ingredient for cosmetic companies and skin conscious people as it helps in giving a bright glowing skin and removal of tanning.


2. Ginger

Ginger is a great medicinal herb used in almost every household and as a key ingredient in making tea. Ginger is used for treating nausea and motion sickness. It is said that whenever you’re suffering from cough and cold, rather than taking cold treating medicines or paracetamol drink a cup of ginger tea thrice a day and see the magical treatment of ginger on all your problems. Ginger can also relieve nausea caused by pregnancy or chemotherapy.


3. Chamomile

This anxiety and relaxing medicinal herb is the most common herb used in the USA; this herb is like a fighter for all your problems. It is used in Europe for the healing of wounds and reduce inflammation or swelling. Chamomile tea is a very famous herbal tea consumed by people, and it helps to detoxify your body and gives it energy by reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body. If you are heavily medicated with English medicines, then chamomile may sometimes interfere with the body and cause certain side effects. So before consuming it, consult with your doctor whether it’s safe to drink or not.


4. Flax Seed

Flax seeds is a medicinal herb that is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory benefits. In Asia, it has played a important role in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Flaxseed is a rich source of healthy fat, and it helps in lowering the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Flax Seeds are easily available in the market in the form of seeds, oil, powder, tablets, capsules and flour. It is consumed as a dietary supplement to prevent constipation and other digestive problems.

Flax Seed

5. Mint

Mint is a freshly fragrant medicinal plant that holds lots of benefits in its court. From helping you in fighting the embarrassment of bad breath to treating upset stomach, mint does it all for you. The noteworthy part about mint is its ability to repel pests and insects, so your home gets a clean environment. Mint as a herb helps in Boosting immunity, keeping the digestive system clean and also giving lots of benefits to the respiratory system.


These were the list of 5 top medicinal herbs that people should keep at their home and consume in different forms to keep diseases and seasonal problems at bay — thereby getting a healthy gut and a fit body which is toxin-free and superbly healthy.