10 Love Poems For Husband

Love has no season and there is nothing more that defines love and happiness other than spending time together, buying and exchanging gifts. When you have been with your husband for a long time it’s easy to take him for granted sometimes without even noticing. It is essential as a loving wife to remind your husband how much you love him. You can surprise your husband by setting a special day just to be with him, showering him with gifts for husband and romantic love poems.

10 Love Poems For Husband

With the gift for husband, attach a sensual love poem for your husband to remind him just how much he means to you. The words could be your own or from someone else but select one that suits your husband’s personality and preferences. Such romantic poetry will keep the fire burning in your relationship when you speak to them princely, as if they were your own truth, your husband will know you love him greatly. Here are ten best romantic poetry for husband. Take a look.

1. From My Heart

A million stars up in the sky.
One shines brighter – I can’t deny.
A love so precious, a love so true,
a love that comes from me to you.
The angels sing when you are near.
Within your arms, I have nothing to fear.
You always know just what to say.
Just talking to you makes my day.
I love you, honey, with all of my heart.
Together forever and never to part.
– Mrs Creeves

2. Close your eyes

“Close your eyes and think of me
Close your eyes and try to see
Our hearts together and what could be
Our love forever as destiny.”
– Elizabeth Smith

3. Warmth of your hands

“Troubles don’t bother me
Worries have never been scary
Stress doesn’t bug me one bit
Anxiety doesn’t make me weary
Being in the warmth of your arms
Looking at your handsome face
Is all I need to experience
Pure bliss and solace
Thank you.”

Warmth of your hands

4. The way you love me

I have never had anyone love
Me the way you love me.
I have never loved anyone
the way I love you. Thank you
God for showing us the way
To each other!

5. My Love for You is Like the Raging Sea

My love for you is like the raging sea,
So powerful and deep it will forever be.
Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
It will withstand every pain.
Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet.
I love you more with every heartbeat!
— Elaine Chetty

6. I wouldn’t change a single thing

About my own life
All my regrets have been redeemed
By getting to be your wife
Even if I was granted a wish
By a magical Genie
I’d simply walk away, coz you
Have made my life perfect already

7. Pray to god

I pray to god all the time,
You know what it is,
I tell him that if there is a rebirth,
Then I want you back as my hubby,
This is the biggest thing to cheer,
Love you so much my dear,
I really love you a lot!

8. I told you or not

I haven't told you yet,
What you mean to me,
Beyond you in my life,
There is nothing left to see,
You are the best my hubby,
You are simply the best,
With you I feel so glad,
It's like the loving zest,
Love you!

9. When you hold me

You hold my hand when I get scared,
You oh so understand,
With you I feel so blessed,
There is nothing to pretend,
Thanks for coming in my life,
I am glad to be your wife,
I love you lots!

When you hold me

10. Every time I see you

Every time I see your face,
A thought crosses my mind,
I am so lucky to have you in my life,
Coz you are so caring and kind,
Every time I see your face,
It reflects to me,
That it's only you now I want to see,
Love you my sweet hubby!

All the above love poems for husband are dedicated with love from the loving partners around the world. For the perfect mood arrange a special date, set a romantic ambience, light up candles, play your favorite love songs, prepare a meal and to cement the day, have a special gift your husband accompanied with romantic poetry.

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