Make Every Celebration Fun and Unique for Kids with Personalised Gifts

Children simply love seeing their names on everything! From a younger age, they begin to perceive their name in print, and before the kid enters the playschool, they start making genuine efforts to write off their name. Children feel extremely glad for their individual character and why not as all the kids are delightful and one of a kind. So, surprising them with personalised gifts every now and then is a great way to cheer them up and make them the happiest. Below are some personalised gift ideas for kids that you can consider while surprising them.

Make Every Celebration Fun and Unique for Kids with Personalised Gifts

1. Polka Dot Piggy Bank -

Teaching your kid right off the bat the value of cash can help them as they get older. Helping them to save money is one of the manners in which you can teach them and allow them to save for something special with Polka Dot Piggy Bank. This beautiful ceramic piggy bank is decorated with your cute kid’s name, giving a custom bank to them to place their cash in.

personalised Polka Dot Piggy Bank

2. Personalised Children’s Book -

Each kid adores a sweet cute story, and you can't go wrong with the customised children’s book. This book has a one of a kind story to be written on your kid, including their name as the lead character. Your kid will cheer up after seeing their name in a book, and will surely read the book every night before he/she sleeps.

Personalised Children’s Book

3. Personalised LED Cushion -

Most of the kids are afraid of darkness, and if your kid is no other, then this gift is perfect for you. Buy a personalised LED cushion with colourful LEDs inside it and the name and photograph of your kid on it. Your kid will sleep well at night as the cushion will provide him comfort.

Personalised LED Cushion

4. Personalised Backpack -

Make school as fun as possible for your kid with a cool personalised backpack. Add your kid’s name to the backpack and choose a great funny design for the backpack. This will help your kid to easily find their bag in the school and will make them easy to recognize in a crowd.

Personalised Backpack

5. Personalised Bottle -

Water is considered an ailment for everything wrong with the body and to keep your kid hydrated all the time, this is a perfect present. A personalised water bottle with their photograph on it is something your kid could actually use in daily life while going to school.

Personalised Bottle

6. Personalised Curtains -

A gift that will add charm to the home decor and will also give a kids theme to the room of your kid. Get a pair of curtains with your kid’s favourite cartoon characters on it and hang the curtains near the windows for a great view.

Personalised Curtains

7. Personalised Cricket Kit -

Well, we all can agree upon that most of the kids love cricket. Not just watching cricket but playing the great game as well. You can give your kid a personalised cricket kit with your kid’s name on the kit and on the bat as well. It will inspire him to work hard and achieve great heights in sports activities.

Personalised Cricket Kit

8. Personalised Apron -

Sometimes your kid roams around in the kitchen trying to learn how to cook delicious pasta or bake the cake. So, how about getting him/her an apron with their name written to it. It will make them more interested in cooking, and they will learn a thing or two for sure.

Personalised Apron

9. Personalised Mouse Pad -

A techy gift for the kid that always sticks to the computer browsing the internet and playing video games. Get him/her a personalised mouse pad with their name on it. You can also get their photograph printed on the mouse pad.

 Personalised Mouse Pad

10. Personalised Teddy Bear -

Kids love playing with soft toys, and a teddy bear is no less than their best friend. They play with the teddies and sleep with them by hugging. Get your kid a personalised teddy bear with their photograph on it or your family photograph on it. Your kid will definitely sleep in peace with the teddy.

Personalised Teddy Bear

So, these are some of the best and meaningful personalised gifts for kids that you can go for while planning a surprise gift for them. According to your child’s habits, interests and preferences, buy personalized photo gifts for kids and surprise them with your creative gift ideas. Happy gifting!