9 Evergreen Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

The world is full of people who fell in love with materialistic things which will not reap any good for them. But there are few odd ones out. They are those divine souls who choose to fall in love with plants. They love to collect different kinds of plants. They love to care for them. These divine souls are giving a gift of health to the world as they love to grow more and more plants. So if you know someone who is a die-hard plant lover, it’s time to nurture them with a gift in return. Here we are outlining some of the most adorable gift ideas for plant lovers that you can choose from.

Evergreen Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

1. Low Maintenance Indoor Plant

What could be a better gift for plant lovers than a plant itself? They always want to be surrounded by greenery. You can easily find lots of plants inside and outside of their house. But gifting them a plant which needs high care is not a good option. So, you should opt to gift indoor plants which require low maintenance. Here are some to choose from: Bamboo, Elephant’s foot, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, and Chinese Money Plant.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plant

2. Planters

A creative and attractive planter also called plant vase, and plant pot can make one of the best gifts for plant lovers. All you need is to put in your time to find a unique yet beautiful planter which the recipient will cherish for life. Always try to buy a plant vase that can go well with the decor of the person’s house to whom you want to gift it. Gifting a set of planters will be more appreciated!


3. Plant Fertilizer

The gift of fertilizer can be the best gift for plant lovers. But like all plant-related gifts, you need to make sure that the recipient must adore it. If the person you want to present a gift is against using high-chemical based fertilizer, then you should go for organic fertilizer. Fortunately, there are a lot of affordable organic fertilizers in the market to buy from.

Plant Fertilizer

4. LED Light for Indoor Plant

The number of plant lovers is increasing day by day, which is a really good thing but many of them are not capable of providing plants what is needed. There are many indoor plants which need direct sunlight for most of the time, which is a problem for those plant lovers who live in congested areas. So gifting them a LED Light specifically made for plants is a great idea.

LED Light for Indoor Plant

5. Watering Can

A plant lover will be more than happy to see that you care for the plants as much as he/she does. Plants need water to grow, and that’s too in a precise quantity. And for that, gifting a handy watering can to a plant lover is the best idea because it helps him/her to water plants perfectly. A watering can is one of the most adorable gifts for garden lovers.

Watering Can

6. Plant Hangers

If the plant lover whom you want to gift something is short of space, then plant hanger should be your go-to option. In addition to fighting the problem of space, it will beautify the home decor in a soothing way. Not just those who don’t have enough space, gifting a plant hanger will be appreciated by every plant lover.

Plant Hangers

7. Potting Soil

Good quality soil plays a vital role in the growth of plants. It provides plants with essential minerals & nutrients and air for the gaseous exchange between roots and atmosphere. That’s why qualitative potting soil is considered as one of the best gifts for plant lovers. You can gift a home-made mix of potting soil or can buy one online.

Potting Soil

8. Plant Graphic Board

This one will not adore the caring side but the love side of plant-lovers. A board with a graphic of a plant will suit perfectly as a home decorative item for the person who has a lot of greenery in the house. It is challenging to keep a plant inside the bedroom. This plant graphic board will let the plant-lover to be in the touch of a plant-view.

Plant Graphic Board

9. Gardening Gloves

A gift of hygiene and safety! Gardening gloves are the best gift for garden lovers as they save their hands from catching any kind of infection from the soil and also from the bites of insects. Look for gloves made from synthetic suede and nylon, which will be flexible and breathable. It is something that all plant lovers will adore for life.

Gardening Gloves

And to add some spark to the gift, here are some plant quotes you can send along:

  • “If a plant is sad, do other plants photosympathise with it…”
  • “On the last day of the world, I would want to plant a tree”
  • “तुम्हारी इस हरियाली में खो जाने को दिल करता है “
  • “Love and work are to people what water and sunshine are to plants.”
  • “A dried plant is nothing but a sign to plant a new one”

Good Bye! Hasta-la-vista! Shabba Khair!