DIY Cute Lil Gifts for the Birthday of Your Dear Ones!

If you’re running out of DIY gift ideas for your loved ones, then don’t brainstorm much as we are here to save you from the trouble. Consider the below mentioned one of a kind gifts and get ready with your creative skills to make a perfect gift for your loved ones. Scroll down a bit, and you will find the categorised gifts for all your loved ones below.

DIY Cute Lil Gifts for the Birthday of Your Dear Ones!

DIY Birthday Gifts for Best Friend

A unique DIY gift for your bestie and partner in crime is “52 Things I Love About You” Cards. Take a pack of cards and on the non-playing side of the card, write a message on each card like “You are my constant”, “You make me smile”, “You don’t mind washing dishes”, “You are a noob PUBG player” and many more lovely funny messages. If you are into drawings, you can also consider a watercolour portrait of his childhood photograph.

52 Things I Love About You Cards - A DIY Birthday Gift

DIY Birthday Gifts for Mom

Well, one way to surprise your mother is by gifting her jars for the kitchen. No, not normal jars! We are talking about creative jars. Gather some old jars from the storeroom and show your creativity on the jars. Stick paper cuttings on the jar and write the name of the content that will be filled in it like Sugar, Oreo biscuit, Peanut Butter, etc. Make it a bit colourful by decorating it with sketch pens.

DIY Mason Jar Cannister

DIY Birthday Gifts for Dad

A beer bouquet? Take an old cardboard box and get all crafty with it by writing your thoughts for father on it. Buy your dad’s favourite beer bottles and place that inside. Cover the box with some flowers and leaves and give it to him. The smile on his face after receiving this gift will be priceless. You can also go for Instagram Picture Frame. Print your beautiful pictures with him and frame it in a decorative way.

DIY Beer Bouquet Gift

DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

No matter how old the relationship is, a creative DIY gift can always add spark to the bond. A treasure explosion box is the one that will make him burst in joy. Collect the amazing pictures that you have with your boyfriend and place it inside a box. Don’t make it a normal explosion box with just photographs. Buy a few chocolates and place it in and maybe a few hand-written messages as well. You can also add a few LEDs inside to make it more unique.

Treasure Explosion Box - A Creative DIY Gift

DIY Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

A PMS Survival kit is what you must opt for and makes an ideal choice to help your better half get through her painful time. Get an old paper carry bag and put in stuff like dark chocolates, hot water bag, cramp relief roll-on, and a pen drive full of movies and TV series! You can also put some hand-written messages in it that will make her smile for sure.

DIY PMS Survival Kit

DIY Birthday Gifts for Friends

It’s always difficult to find a gift for your more than bros gang members! Yes, we are talking about your buddies. Gather a few ceramic mugs with plain colours and write the alphabets of their name on each cup with beautiful permanent colours. You can also use nail polish to paint a logo of your gang on it as well. Paste some sprinkles on it to make it more beautiful.

DIY Ceramic Mugs

DIY Birthday Gifts for Sister

For your sassy sister, finding an apt gift can be a daunting task. So, how about you go ahead and give her what she always desires - makeup hamper! But, not a normal hamper, a hamper with amazing craft on it. Gather a few colourful crayons and start painting the drawing on an old box from storage. Gather a few makeup essentials and put in it with a few candies inside

DIY Makeup Hamper Birthday Gift

DIY Birthday Gifts for Brother

For your brother, you can go for a Necktie photo bookmark. Take a ribbon and cut it in the shape of a tie from the bottom. Pick one childhood photograph of his and paste it in the centre of the tie. Make a few designs using your creative mind and gift it to him. He will always keep the gift close to him in his books.

DIY Necktie Photo Bookmark Gift

So, these are some great ideas for your loved one's birthdays! Most of these are also last-minute DIY birthday gifts ideas. Surprise your dear ones on their special day with these thoughtful gifts. Happy crafting! Happy gifting!