5 Must Visit Flower Shows in India

In each and every part of the world, flowers are a basic part of our societies, traditions, cultures, well-being, and lives, and are important to businesses and economies. Flowers are of inborn excellence and prove to be priceless to us. Flowers represent many things, for example, feelings and emotions, messages, sympathies, and regard or as the popular saying goes, ‘Say it with flowers. Blossoms are remedial and can bring tranquillity, joy, energy, and a wave of positive feelings and sentiments. Flower shows are a great excursion for people, groups, and families. The atmosphere of these flower shows is really exciting and an incredible way to enjoy the beauty of nature. In India also, some great flower shows take place every year. So, looking for flower shows near me on the web? Then, scroll down a bit and find out about the shows!

Must Visit Flower Shows in India

1. Lalbagh Flower Show, Bangalore

Bangalore is known for its flowers, and the city is even known as the "city of flowers". On the 26th of January every year, on the Republic Day of India, the Indian Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society organize a flower show. This delightful show is extremely popular and individuals from across the globe attend the show, enjoy the shades of the colours alongside their scent, and take photos to treasure them forever. The show is organized in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden of Bangalore and therefore it gets its name the Lalbagh Flower Show.

The Lalbagh Flower Show, Bangalore

2. Rose Flower Show, Pune

The Empress Botanical Garden of Pune witnesses a flower show every year where roses are the center of attraction. The botanical garden was established by the sovereign of England and the show is currently organised by the Agri Horticultural Society of Western India. The flower show is called Buds and Blooms and the main attractions are roses and Dahlias among an assortment of different blossoms. The show is held during the season of monsoon.

The Rose Flower Show, Pune

3. Horticultural Show, Kolkata

Each winter, the agricultural society of Kolkata (earlier known as Calcutta) holds a flower show that demonstrates various sorts of flowers. Truth be told, the horticultural society is where individuals can find out about cultivating and delivering blossoms as non-flower plants. They incorporate fruits and vegetables. The Horticultural society gives preparing material both during the show and round the year through its online portal.

The Horticultural Show, Kolkata

4. The Chrysanthemums Show, Chandigarh

Chandigarh in Punjab is famous for its Chrysanthemums flower. These blossoms are additionally called Chrysanths or Mums. They are dark red with a sprinkle of numerous different hues. A flower show is held in Chandigarh exhibiting the best flowers from over the state. Blossoms are of various assortments and not just the Chrysanthemums. The show takes place in December and numerous competitions are held other than the showcase of flowers. Various gardeners from across the country take part in the show and competitions.

The Chrysanthemums Show, Chandigarh

5. The Annual Ooty Flower Show

Ooty is a hill station in the South Indian region of Tamil Nadu. The climate is warm and dry always as the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean surround the region on all sides with the exception of the west. The city witnesses an annual flower show in the month of May. Visitors from all across the globe visit the spot for both the flower show and to look at numerous picturesque areas of Ooty.

The Annual Ooty Flower Show

These were the top 5 flower shows in India. You should surely go out with your friends and family to visit the flower show 2020 in different cities. While visiting the shows, you can take a few flowers along with you as well by buying flowers online. Enjoy the shows!