From January to December, Discover your Birth Month Flower

Only a parent can understand the feeling of a newborn baby. The little touch, the small feet and that innocent face, nobody can explain how a parent feels from inside once they hold the baby. It can’t be described in words. Whether you are expecting the arrival of a newborn or you are helping a loved one celebrate the birth, there is not a more appropriate way to mark the occasion with a bouquet of flowers. Of course, the bunch you choose has to look stunning but has more to blossom than just appearances. That is the beauty of selecting birthday flowers by month as there are varieties in each of these popular blooms.

Discover Birth Month Flower

Today, flowers remain a welcome substitute for words, enhancing the giver’s message with fragrance and beauty. Every flower has a meaning and can convey certain emotions, thoughts, or moods to the recipient. Do you know like birthplace there is a birth flower, each with special meaning? Like us, each birth flower of the month is distinctive - full of significance and amazing stories. In today's blog, we are going to talk about the meaning of birth flowers by month.

January Birth Flower

The traditional birth flowers of the month of January are the carnation and the snowdrop. The charismatic carnation comes in many different colours, expressing different meanings. For example, a pink carnation may mean simple affection, while dark red carnations mean deep love. The snowboard is a symbol of hope and rebirth! They usually cover large patches, blanketing the earth with white coloured specimens.

On the other hand, snowdrop, the other january flower of the month, is a small, shy and droopy petal bloom. These timid little flowers are soft and delicate in the pattern.

January Month Flowers

February Birth Flower

Traditional January-born flowers are iris and promise. Iris's three honest petals symbolize faith, valour and wisdom. This February birth flower comes in blue, purple, yellow and white. Another flower cited as a February birth flower is primrose, a pale yellow perennial with European origin. They are edible flowers that can add a pop of colour to your favourite treat.

February Month Flowers

March Birth Flower

The traditional march birth flower is Daffodils. The cheerful yellow flowers represent the first month of spring. These tiny buds of sunshine symbolize new birth, beginnings, happiness and joy and serve as a reminder that the sun will always shine when there is love in your life. The variety of daffodils, also known as jonquils, varies in colour with white, orange and pale yellow flowers. Daffodils are bright and comforting to look at. Thus, they signify the season of spring, making them the perfect flowers of the month March.

March Month Flowers

April Birth Flower

The traditional April birth flower is Daisy and Sweet Pea. This beautiful flower symbolises purity, innocence and pure love. And is also said to represent motherhood - which is why it is usually gifted to new mothers. The name Daisy is derived from the 'eye of the day' and is called because the flower closes at night and opens when the sun rises in the morning.

Sweet peas symbolize blissful pleasure. Sweet peas are known for their sweet fragrance, and are a great way to make your home smell like spring! So, send your loved ones born in April the treat of freshness by ordering Birthday Flower Online.

April Month Flowers

May Birth Flower

May’s birth flowers are the lily of the valley. A favourite of royal brides, this elegant flower has dense vine-like shape and a beautiful aroma. The fact that they bloom only for a short season (usually from March to May) adds to its uniqueness and appeal. This flower is a symbol of sweetness, gentleness and motherhood. They are a particularly suitable gift for your mother on her birthday.

May Month Flowers

June Birth Flower

The June birthday flower is one of the most popular flowers of all time - rose. Roses have been cherished for centuries for their classic beauty and fragrance. Rose was identified with love and passion by the ancient Greeks and Romans, beginning with her association with the goddesses Aphrodite, Isis, and Venus. The meaning of a rose depends on its colour, although the rose is usually said to represent love, beauty and respect.

June Month Flowers

July Birth Flower

Delphinium, with its symbolic associations of positivity and dignity, is a tribute to loved ones with a July birthday flower. Like the rose, delphinium is another flower which means it varies from colour to colour. These were very common flowers to be given between friends with whom someone might also have a romantic interest. If you were born in the month of July hopefully you share the carefree and lighthearted traits associated with the beautiful Larkspur or delphinium.

July Month Flowers

August Birth Flower

The August Birth Flower is Gladiolus. This striking bloom is characterized by pointed tips and dramatic stalks of flowers. It is an incredibly popular late summer flower and is available in a wide range of colours. Named after the Latin word for sword, the flower has represented strength and moral integrity for hundreds of years and through many cultures.

August Month Flowers

September Birth Flower

September’s birth flower is the aster which is said to represent both love and sorrow. The aster is traditionally associated with elegance, love and faith, and the morning glory with passion and rebirth. These beautiful and delightful flowers bloom all year round and are one of the most lively and colourful in the autumn months, making them an ideal choice for a September birthday.

September Month Flowers

October Birth Flower

This tiny little flower has a lot of meaning in connection with those born in October. Because of its resemblance to the sun, the marigold is often associated with love, creativity and warmth. The cosmos represents order, tranquillity, and balance. In addition to their beauty, marigolds also have a long tradition of being used medicinally to heal inflammation and skin problems.

October Month Flowers

November Birth Flower

Also known as “mums”, the chrysanthemum is the flower for people born in November. This month has just one birth flower, signifying happiness and enthusiasm. If your loved one’s birthday is in November, why not send them a bouquet containing chrysanthemums?

November Month Flowers

December Birth Flower

Also known as the Christmas flower, The Narcissus Holly is associated with sweetness and the holly with peace and goodwill. When a little girl - with no means for a gullible gift - placed weeds on a church altar, they turned into brilliant red flowers. A symbol of good cheer and enthusiasm, the December birth flower pointer plant is a fitting tribute to the joyous celebration of December.

Needless to say, these are one of the most gorgeous birth month flowers!

December Month Flowers

So, this was not that long a list of the birthday month flowers. Send a surprise bouquet to your loved one’s baby or parents or anyone associated with their birth month before they get a chance to ask the question, “what is my birth flower” and shower them with love!

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