What Are Different Types Of Cake Fillings

The spongy, layered with a heavenly creamy layer of Buttercream, and drizzled with some seasonal fruits or chips, cakes are no less than an exciting food to indulge in. So, what do you think makes a cake so tempting? The spongy bread? Or the different cake fillings? Or simply the thought of freshly baked love? Well, for us it is the filling that makes a cake more alluring than anything. And to your wonder, we would also like to share with you the fact that there are a few different types of cake fillings, be it a chocolate cake or blueberry fiesta.

Already excited? Come, let us explore the varied cake filling types and learn about them a bit more. We are starting the listing in no particular order, so choose the one you think is your type.

Cake Fillings

1. American Buttercream

This is the most used cake filling across the world. Reason? Well simply because it is easy to make and requires only two ingredients, i.e., butter and some icing sugar. You can prepare this filling simply by pouring these ingredients in a bowl and whipping them till the time they become fluffy.

Also, American Buttercream makes for an easy cake filling reason being it is easy to spread on the cake bread and can be pipped without much fuss.

American Buttercream

2. Italian Meringue Buttercream

Well by the last name of this filling, you can say that this Italian filling is a distant relative to the American Buttercream. Actually, in a way it is and the only difference is that apart from butter is melted sugar syrup and egg whites. Apart from this, it would be best if you had a mixer stand to pour the ingredients at the right time. The mixing begins with beating the egg-whites first, and while beating it add the sugar syrup before adding the butter.

Here is a pro-tip from us, to check whether your Italian Meringue is ready or not, make your bowl upside down, if it does not fall off, your Meringue is all ready to be used.

Italian Meringue Buttercream

3. Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Another member of the Buttercream family is Swiss Meringue Buttercream. This is fairly similar to the Italian one, the difference in this one is that instead of a mixer stand, a double boiler bowl is used to let the egg-whites get cooked, at the time of preparation of the Meringue. Also, sugar is replaced with icing sugar as we are already using the double boiler to make the Meringue.

Also, to add any flavour to all the above-discussed Buttercreams, you can add fruit essences in the preparation and to add colours, add a few droplets of food colours.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

4. French Buttercream

Unlike Italian Meringue Buttercream and Swiss Meringue Buttercream, the French Buttercream is made using butter, granulated sugar, and egg yolks. The egg-yolks give a rich texture to the Buttercream, and there is no effect on the lightness of this Buttercream.

All the Buttercreams can be used in different forms in a cake, some use them in layering the cake sponges, others use them to decorate the cupcakes, and in some bakeries abroad, Meringue Buttercream is used as a cookie.

French Buttercream

5. German Buttercream

German Buttercream can be named an experimental member of the Buttercream family. Reason? Well, simply because of the ingredients that go in it, i.e., butter, icing sugar, egg yolks, and some cooked flour, when all these elements come together to make the German Buttercream more rich and soft to have.

Often used in German bakeries, this Buttercream is known for its richness.

German Buttercream

6. Ermine Buttercream

Ermine Buttercream is that member of the Buttercream that is properly cooked. Ermine Buttercream is known to use custard-like base flour-thickened milk to mix with butter and sugar. There is no egg added in this recipe, which can be a perfect fit for someone who is a vegetarian. And like all the other Buttercreams, Ermine Buttercream is also known to stick to its shape. The Ermine Buttercream is all fluffy and smooth to present.

Ermine Buttercream

Apart from these Buttercream fillings, many people love chocolate fillings in their cakes, pastries, cupcakes etc. So, for those chocolate lovers, here is a bonus filling. Have a look

7. Chocolate Ganache

For a thick and piping-friendly Ganache, the most basic and simple recipe to follow is one part of cream to two parts of dark chocolate. Talking about the texture of this Chocolate Ganache, well either you can keep this syrup-like, but to add texture to your sweet dish, you can beat the mix a bit and can stop when you find the texture is perfect.

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The syrupy Chocolate Ganache gives a glossy texture to the cake, whereas a little whipped Chocolate Ganache gives a rich feel to the dish.

Chocolate Ganache

Ultimately, there are more fillings and Buttercream recipes than we have shared above. But as they say- “Rome was not made in a day,” likewise we cannot cover all types of fillings in one blog. And if your mouth is going through the tsunami of varied sweet flavours, and you can’t help it, then what is the wait for? Opt for a cake delivery online and end up your sweet-hunger pangs.