Make Low-Fat Cakes From Regular Cake Mix

You love cakes. Well, this was no brainer because we all love cakes. Such is the appeal and taste of a cake that no one can turn its back to it. However, every time you walk towards the refrigerator to have a bite of the buttercream or you are tempted by the desire to order a box of cupcakes online; your health freak brain screams “No.”

Low Fat Cakes

And, you have to resist the temptation of devouring a cake that melts in mouth in no time and continues to sweeten your taste buds till days. But, why be so harsh on yourself? When you can relish tasty cakes and gain no calories.

Yes, we know you might be thinking we are pulling a joke on you, but we are not. Calorie cakes can take a hike because we have low-fat cake at rescue!. Curious to know more?

What is a Low-Calorie Cake?

A cake baked with the richness of health-giving ingredients, nuts, and fruits tend to be low in calories meaning you can enjoy sweet pleasures guilt-free. Low in sugar and high in wholesomeness, an extra slice of a low calorie cake won’t make you gain those extra inches. So, whenever your taste buds crave for something delicious or you want to make love to a fitness freak, you can eat or send cakes low in calories for sweet and healthy happiness.

If you believe nothing beats the happiness of relishing homemade cakes, then we have got you covered in this area as well. Given below are the tips to make cake low in calorie intake from your regular cake mixes. And, we assure you not one, but all the tips will make your health-conscious heart fall for them. The bonus: Low-calorie cake will taste as good as its counterpart!

Are you ready to go down the calorie hill?

Substitute Butter with Oil

Undoubtedly, butter makes the cake taste finger-licking good. But, when it’s about making healthy and sweet choices, you ought to turn a blind eye towards this appetizing ingredient. Substitute butter with oil. Also, reduce the cups of oil used. This simple alteration will cut down the fat by nearly 40%. What more could you have asked for?

Substitute Butter with Oil

Oil-Free Cake

If you are a health fanatic who loves to indulge in low calorie cheat meals, here is how you can turn your regular cake mix into low calorie cake mix within seconds. Go oil-free. Knock out the bad saturated fat in favour of the good fat by eliminating oil and adding fat-free yoghurt, dry applesauce, or fat-free sour cream.

Oil Free Cake

A Punch of Nutrition

If you are of the notion cakes cannot be healthy, then you need to taste fruit cake and dry cake. These cakes promise the best of both worlds: deliciousness and nutritiousness. Boost the nutritive value of the cake by adding seasonal fruits, dry fruits, fruit purees or carrots.

Punch of Nutrition

Egg Whites for Eggs

Cake recipes call for whisking eggs. Eggs give to your cake a spongy texture that is unique to this tender dessert--cake. But, the school of health reveals that large whole eggs contain approximately 72 calories and 4.7 grams of fat. Now, that’s too much intake for a day! Instead of whole eggs, add to the batter egg whites to cut the number of calories as much as possible. Also, the egg whites would ensure the fluffiness of the cake. If you are a vegetarian soul, go for apple cider vinegar, mashed bananas, diet soda.

Egg Whites

Less in Sugar, High in Sweetness

Sugar is fattening. Sugar is calorie-dense. The best way to reduce calories and not the sweetness is to use natural sweeteners that are light in calories, fruits, unsweetened flavours, cinnamon, powdered nutmeg, vanilla. You will forget the calorie count if you make these ingredients your baking friend.

High Sweetness

Kudos!! You have successfully won the first race of baking a low-calorie cake from the regular cake mix that is rich in taste but not in calories. Now, paving the way further, we will be discussing some fat-free frosting tips because you surely don’t want to lose the calorie challenge at the end. And we will help you till the last!

1. Powdered Sugar

You can dust powdered sugar on the homemade baked cake. It will taste perfectly delicious, especially if it is a chocolate cake or a brownie; trust us on this.

Powdered Sugar

2. Sugary-Lemon Syrup

Sweet and sour go hand in hand. You can make a syrup of powdered sugar and lemon juice. Drizzle on the cake, and it’s ready to be golloped.

Lemon Syrup

Fruits and Berries

If you have got fruits and berries for toppings, then you have got the recipe for a tasty and healthy cake. Top the cake with fruits, berries, and dust some powdered sugar-- Beautiful and Irresistible, we would say!

Fruits and Berries

Count the blessings and not the calories with Low-Calorie Cakes!