10 Lovey-Dovey Anniversary Gift Ideas to Leave Your Love Speech Less

"The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time."

lovey-dovey anniversary gift

Anniversaries are about celebrating what you both have accomplished together over the past few years or even days. And with a wonderful hope of building new memories together. Cheers to all of it! But how do you think you are going to make him/her feel super loved if not over some mushy anniversary gift ideas for couples? It’s a no new fact that gifting helps to strengthen the bond of love and forever friendship, be it some 1st Anniversary Gifts or some 50th-anniversary gifts. As the years in love pass by within a blink of an eye the most precious memories become those 1st or 25th anniversary gifts which were not just gifts but the token of love. So, wedding anniversary gifts matter no matter how far you both have come. To keep that spark in your relationship alive, pampering over anniversary gift are no doubt cliched but much-needed.

1. Quirky Cushions To Do The PillowTalk

As men and women are poles apart in their thinking and personality, quirky cushions will help to reach each other’s mind and get help to rekindle their romance. This makes a perfect anniversary gifts for wife as there are the ones who are into decorating their homes.

Quirky Cushions

2. Personalised Mugs

Get a beautiful picture of your beloved Boo over a coffee mug, so that from morning to night your love becomes a sweet tonic for him/her. Gifting something personal which has got sentiments or lovely nostalgia-stricken memories attached to it will undoubtedly make an excellent anniversary gift to show what one has gained over the past few years/days (being in love).

Personalised Mugs

3. Scented Candles

Let your anniversary gift soar the temperatures as you pass something thoughtful to spice up your love life. It’s useful yet the calming effect is what makes every couple a fan of it and lit it while dipping together in a bathtub while relaxing. Beautifully scented candles are tempting gifts, and when they are wrapped with your love it sure will take your partner’s breath away.

Scented Candles

4. Photo Frame

“We keep this love in a photograph. We make these memories for ourselves”. If you believe the same, then this anniversary brings back those memories and get it framed to pass these memories as a token of your love. You can look for something different and not go with regular photo frame options. After all, it's an anniversary - a very special occasion for you both!

Photo Frame

5. Kinky Truth Or Dare Game

Let’s just face it, kinkiness in a romantic relationship is important. So, call for a playdate together as your gift and get along with your partner, this anniversary so you pass him/her this kinky truth or dare game. You might not know what happens next! *wink* *wink*

Dare Game

6. Grooming Kit

Confidence is sexy. Confidence comes from within and grooming makes one feel confident. Be it, that one is about to hit their office for an important presentation or even for an anniversary date after office, a grooming kit will help one look like each other’s man/woman crush every day. It tends to instantly boost one’s confidence and leave the significant other, fall in love with him/her, all over again.

Grooming Kit

7. Mushy Couple Hoodie

This anniversary gift in specific will help you both to twin together and post a picture over social media under #couplegoals. You can get some quirky or couple hoodies over some reputed online or offline apparel store. Hit the streets together as you run errands, your fashion statement will surely become the trendiest of all the trends.

Mushy Couple Hoodie

8. Premium Rose Box

Nothing wins a lover’s heart much beautifully than a box full of premium roses. As roses symbolise enduring passion, joy, gratitude, love, appreciation and admiration, among a thousand other such beautiful meanings, it becomes perfect to be gifted to your dear spouse.

Premium Rose Box

9. Wine Decanter

A stylish vessel used for decantation of liquor like wine makes an excellent sophisticated anniversary gift. Especially gifted as a perfect anniversary gift for husband, gifting a wine decanter would be perfect if your hubby/wifey like to relish a few glasses of wine together.

Wine Decanter

10. Piece of Jewellery

A jewellery is no doubt every woman’s favourite. But did we know that men even liked to get pampered over jewellery? Yes, you heard it absolutely right. So, this anniversary convey your love over some priceless jewellery piece to please him/her.

Piece of Jewellery

So, these were a few anniversary gifts some of which comes under anniversary gift ideas for parents, even. "Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years, multiply." Make that believe to your loving partner this anniversary. Reassure him/her that this love is now and forever over any of these gifts!