Make your Mom Happy with some Handmade Gifts on her Birthday

It’s a universal fact that mothers would compel you to spend money on yourself rather than take a birthday gift from you. That’s what moms are. If you have decided to listen to her and do away with store-bought birthday gifts for mom because mothers are always right, then you can surprise her with something handmade with love. These handmade gift ideas are thoughtful, meaningful and beautiful just like her soul.

Make your Mom Happy with some Handmade Gifts on her Birthday

1) Portrait: If you are blessed with artistic genes, show your finest creation by painting or sketching out a portrait of your darling mother. She can be your muse for her birthday, or you can sketch her from one of her best portrait photographs. Highlight every single detail that makes her uniquely beautiful and gift it to her.


2) Herb Planter: If she is the green-thumb aficionado in your house who nurtures and nourishes everything with souls, including plant; this is the gift for her birthday. In a wooden tray or planter, plant most-used or flavourful herbs like mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, oregano or any other. Along with this herb planter, give her a framed quote “She Who Plants A Garden, Plants Happiness.”

Herb Planter

3) Photo Flower Pots: Mother is the one that germinates the seed into a full bloom (carrying the embryo for nine months and giving birth to a baby). This photo flower pot symbolises the same feelings. Teenager kids can make this for their mother’s birthday.

● Take a cardboard, and cut a flower out of it in any shape you like, say Tulips, Sunflower, Rose, etc.

● Carve out a hollow space for the photograph.

● Paint the flower beautifully. Make green paper leaves and a stick for the stem.

● Attach the stick and leaves to the flower and paste her photograph in the space.

● Now, append the stick in a thermocol glass or a class structure to make it look like a pot.

Photo Flower Pots

4) Reasons Why I Love You Mom: Even a thousand reasons are not enough to tell her why you love your mom. But, there are a few that are the major highlights like her master chef sweet or savoury recipe; her will power, her smile that makes your heart skip a beat, and many more. Take a coloured paper and make fortune cookies or any geometric shape out of it. Get these reasons printed and hide in the cookies or shapes made by you.

I Love You Mom

5) Flowers:Make her birthday beautiful with the heavenly aroma and heart-stealing beauty of the flowers from your garden. Pluck all her favourite flowers or her birthday flower is blooming in your garden. Take a patterned paper, wrap the flowers in it, attach a message card, and give it to her. Some of the creative lines you can write on the card:

● Your birthday outshines all the other 364 days of the year

● So grateful to be celebrating your birthday as your child

● Happy birthday to the most graceful, loving, and compassionate human being on earth

● Happiest Birthday to my Mom

● Only one wish for your birthday, stay blessed, happy, and live long!


6) Mom’ Special Birthday Box: On birthdays of your dearest ones, you give one gift. On your mothers birthday; you give a whole box of gifts. Give her everything that gives her the chance to indulge in self-love, unwind, and feel beautiful from inside out. Along with these goodies, add hand-made cupcakes, chocolates, jar cakes for sweet birthday feels and thrills.

Special Birthday Box for Mom

7) Handmade Greeting Card: Mother’s Birthday is one great excuse to pour her with affection, adoration, and love. Make her smile like a kid with a heart popup handmade greeting card.

● Take a red coloured paper and cut out a heart from it. Write down your feelings.

● Take another light-coloured paper and make a greeting card in the shape of the hands (see picture for reference)

● Stick the heart inside the hands.

● Seal the envelope with a kiss

● Make as many as you like for her

Handmade Greeting Card

8) Sentimental Bottles: Do not bottle up your feelings rather let them overflow like your creative juices as you make this gift.

● Take glass bottles of different sizes and shapes. Paint them as you like

● Print some nice lines or your feelings on a glossy printing sheet. On one, print a lovely picture of her with you.

● Insert corks inside the bottles, and attach prints using the paper clips in each bottle.

Sentimental Bottles

Make your mother feel all the birthday happiness and love she deserves with these hand-made gift ideas.