10 Messages On Funeral Flowers

Deep down, we all know that nobody ever wants to have a read on such a topic, but we can't stop serving our readers with things related to flowers. And so, here we are putting this article out on the web world. Flowers are highly used on funerals around the world, and it is also a loving gesture to put a message on funeral flowers. It's a way to show your condolences and to convey the feeling you have for the gone soul. And as we all know, words are never enough when it comes to feelings that grow deep down in the heart with the untouched purity. People don't talk much on unwanted events such as funerals, and hence a funeral card message becomes the thing to say it all. And that's also a way to support the family members who lost their loved ones with sympathy and much needed inner strength.

Messages On Funeral Flowers

Here are some comforting and soothing strings of words that you can use as a message on funeral flowers.

1. You will surely be everyone whom you met in your life as you were the one who brought joy and happiness to all.
2. The moments we spent together are saved in my soul like memories, and now that you are gone to the fairyland, these memories will remain as a treasure until I meet up there.
3. Your loss had left a painful mark that no medicine and no time can heal. But above that, your love has given me sweet memories that no one can ever steal. Rest In Peace!
4. People say that most beautiful things in the world are intangible and your soul was the one.
5. No expected to lose such a lovely person like you. I hope that we meet again in the next life to continue the relationship that we have formed.
6. You are gone just physically because your love, your caring behaviour, and your values are blooming inside us with utmost enthusiasm.
7. Thank you for all the good times that we have spent together and thanks for always being there whenever I needed you. Rest In Peace!
8. Your smile made the world a better place for me. I am surely gonna miss you a lot, but I do pray that your soul may find the divine place up there behind the clouds.
9. I promise to be there for your family whenever they need me. You will be missed a lot! R.I.P!
10. We don't share a very tight bond, but I spent some good moments every time I met you. I hope my message may follow you to the divine place of souls.

One can afford to miss parties but not funerals. If you are somehow unable to make it, then you send funeral flowers. White and light purple flowers are the most used funeral flowers.

We all want that no one ever has to attend a funeral and to write a message on funeral flowers, but unfortunately, it's against the rule of nature.