Grow beautiful roses from cutting for your backyard and love them every day

Roses! What roses symbolise is love and romance. Or at least that's what you think. But there's more to what you see on the forefront. Roses mean a lot more than what's visible to the eye and known to the heart. Roses are a swore of secrecy for one, it is the extremist face behind it. They are a resemblance of God; they speak purity and cleanse the dirt in mind. They stand for sacrifice and justice. If you give someone two roses, it says for the mutual love between you. Yellow roses are distinctly representational for friendship and care. When roses mean all this, and so much more isn't it more convenient to grow then preferably in a pot in your backyard. We think so.


Look at some tips on how to grow roses from cuttings so you can have a rose to give anyone you want, anytime you want without the trouble of going to the florist last minute.

1. The procedure to grow a rose is fairly easy and requires no expertise or the need to be rosin. Make a cut from the stem of the rose bush you want to replicate. Pick one from the outer circle of the plant and preferably a new one too. It's better if it is 10 inches long.
2.Next step in the rule book of how to grow roses from cuttings involves chopping off the buds, leaves and everything from the existing stem. It is done to divert the stem's attention from flourishing the flowers but tempts to grow the roots at first.
3.Cut the stem right below a node which is the place from where a bud arises. Lay the stem flat on a surface and make four cuts dividing it equally into four parts.


Now comes some fun in the procedure. Knowing how to grow roses from cuttings, you will be intrigued by this step, for we are coming to an end.


1.Take the pot you are using to plant the stem and fill it with soil up to 6 inches at least. And remember to make a slight opening like a hole right in the middle to ensure some space for the stem to go in.
2.Now is the time to insert the cut stem in the potting soil. Do not rub the stem to the walls of the soil to avoid unrooting any existing roots. It is a delicate step and requires precision while implementing.
3.Once placed the stem appropriately, collect soil to fill in any side spaces left and press the soil hard with your hands to make sure everything sticks together and stays intact. Water it well right post this to follow the same intention.
4.Here comes a slightly tricky part. You need polythene to cover this plant you have just potted. It helps to keep the moisture intact hence helping your plant to take a quick growth. Use a stick and firm it in the soil if the polythene Des does not stay upright.
5.Let the airflow through the polythene so the plant does not suffer an encounter with fungal growth that can be deadly. Prevent the polythene from sitting on the plant but do not tie it forcefully, which leads to a lack of airflow and moisture retention.
6.You are almost done to keep a note of the soil. It should be suitably moist but not damp and swamp, which will not lead to good results for the plant. It may take somewhere between 2 and 8 weeks for your plant to show great results.
7.Once you feel visible growth in the plant, the growing of roots and occurring of nodes or leaves, transplant the plant in a bigger, more beautiful pot and you should be good to go.


You plant successfully potted and completely ready to grow and thrive with no trouble. Hope you liked the tips on how to grow roses from cutting make sure to try one for your backyard. You are going to love it.

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