20th Birthday Celebration Ideas for your Lover

Romance on a birthday isn't too different from romance on any other day. Whether you're looking for a secret party idea for her or him, a birthday gift for her/him that really sets the socks off, or a small gesture that expresses huge wishes - it's a perfectly traditional B-day. Below given are the 20th birthday celebration ideas for your lover

20th birthday celebration ideas for your lover

20 years ago party

This party sheds light on the year in which your lover was born. Use inspiration from your year for your decor that includes popular food and drink, TV shows, music and more. This is a fun twist on a traditional party theme.

20th Birthday Party

Gaming tournament

If the birthday boy or girl likes to play games, contest and hangs out with friends, consider a gaming party for the birthday theme. Gaming parties can include any electronics, board games, or others and are a great way to kick off a birthday. Include plenty of gaming decorations such as related posters, controller birthday cakes and gaming snack food.

Gaming tournament

Binge-watching party

Does the birthday girl or boy fall in love with a show she can't get enough of? Then consider throwing a binge-watching party. Have everyone at the party come dressed in PJ clothes and are ready for a relaxing night. Include popcorn, snacks and theatre-related decorations.

Binge watching party

Scavenger hunt

This grand activity is great for celebrating any era. But it surprises the idea of a 20th birthday for a quiet, two-decade milestone. And as such, the final clue can be a ridiculously awesome gift or a room full of favourite people!

Scavenger hunt on Birthday party

On an adventure

Have you always wanted to, skydive, bungee-jump or parasail? If you always have a wish to go out on an adventure but never got a reason, use your birthday occasion as an excuse and throw an adventuring party. Engage your close friends and family and schedule a tour. Just keep in mind the weather. It’s going to be an awesome birthday for you and your lover.

Great Adventure Birthday Party

The place you Met

This is especially a good idea if the two of you have been together for some time; It's a great thing to do with your boyfriend on his birthday, no matter who's planning. The place where you did your first date (or first kiss) when you first started getting to know each other would bring back all those pleasant memories.

Fancy Dinner Party

If you don't mind spending something extra to celebrate the occasion and want to make things feel more formal - or you need an excuse to dress up like a true gentleman or lady - then a fancy dinner party is the best Birthday gift for girlfriend or boyfriend. Is an excellent choice for you. This will require some preparation, but it can be an unforgettable experience and can even turn into a cherished tradition among your group of friends. Send elegant invites to all your common friends and relatives and make sure everyone arrives in their beautiful attire.

20th Birthday Celebration Dinner Party

Don’t Forget the Birthday Cake

Is there any celebration without a cake? Absolutely not! Order a special birthday cake for a girlfriend or boyfriend and make his/her 20th a special and memorable one. There are a wide variety of cakes available in various shapes, sizes and flavours. Order online and get it delivered right at your doorsteps.

20th Birthday Cake

Hope you gathered some ideas with these room decoration ideas to throw a kickass birthday party for your loved ones.