How To Take Care of Flowers in Winter?

The chilly winters are harsh on the skin of humans. Likewise, the frosty winter winds are unforgiving for the tender blooms in your homes. The dripping temperatures make it hard for the gorgeous beauties to survive and flourish. Here’s how to take care of flowers in winter, so that you can adore their full glory.

How To Take Care of Flowers in Winter

Outdoor Flower Care

Outdoor seasonal flowers need much attention and care because of the colder temperatures as compared to indoors. Not to forget the bad weather conditions that can take a toll on the flower's health and beauty if not prepared. These are the care tips to do:

1. Pruning: Trim and prune the leaves. Cut back the backend stems and remove the unwanted foliage. This step is vital for protecting them from catching diseases.
2. Use Mulch: Before the onset of winters, it is important to lay a layer of fresh soil so that the flowering plant can very well adapt to it. Spread a new layer of mulch as it will feed the flowers for the upcoming spring. Frost can cause cracks in the soil. Monitor your soil daily and replace it as soon as you notice it has cracks or stiff.
3. Knock Off Snow: Heavy snow can prove to be fatal for the flowers. Knock off the snow from branches and leaves. Start from the bottom, as the falling snow could land over the lower hanging branches and leaves.

Indoor Flower Care

Though temperatures indoors are slightly warmer than outdoors, still flowers need care and attention. This is how you can take care of your flowers indoors.

1. Mist the Flowers: Mist your plants lightly once or twice a day. If you think spraying each plant is time-consuming, keep your plants near or in the bathroom.
2. Dust off Your Flowers: Settled dust on the flowers can block the pores of the leaves, making it difficult for them to breathe. Clear the pores of all the dust matter and particles.
3. Give them Light: Place plants in positions where they can receive enough light to grow indoors. This may require moving plants inside the house as much as you to provide them with bright light.
4. Reduce Watering: In winters, plants need less water than summers. Water them once or twice. Let the soil dry between waterings. And, also take into consideration the water requirements of each plant.

Make flower delivery and take care of them in winters like your babies. Flowers need care, attention, and love to bloom.