Miraculous Benefits of Neem Leaves

“ I am planting a Neem Tree because it is a “medicine cabinet in a tree.” Scientifically, known by the name of Azadirachta Indica, and Nimba in Sanskrit, the Neem tree is a perfect example of how nature is a wondrous healer. In the science of Ayurveda, Neem is a wondrous herb that’s been a part of traditional remedies as old as time. The neem tree is home to 130 different biologically active compounds. From the leaves to the roots and fruits, flowers; every part of the plant is effective in healing. No wonder why it is regarded as the sacred gift of mother nature. And in Ayurveda, it denotes “good health.”

Miraculous Benefits of Neem Leaves

Neem--one of the medicinal plants in India is a powerhouse of health, skin, and beauty benefits, which we have discussed in detail.

Excellent Uses of Neem Leaves

1. Heals Wounds: Make a neem leaf paste by blending the leaves and apply it on wounds or insect bites a few times in a day. The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties will heal it.
2. Treats Dandruff: If it feels like nothing can treat your dandruff, then try this natural remedy. Boil green leaves and strain the water. Allow it cool, wash your hair and rinse with neem water.
3. Soothe Eyes: Prolonged screen timings, irritants intruding the eyes can cause redness, tiredness or itching. Washing the eyes with neem water can soothe the problems.
4. Banish That Zist: The neem plant uses for skin are miraculous. Make a neem leaf paste by grinding it and apply on the skin and acne. It will cause acne to dry and helps with eruptions, dark spots, and skin ulcers.
5. Immunity Booster: Neem is an immunity booster herb. Crush some neem leaves and take it with a glass of warm water or milk to increase immunity.
6. Tends Ear Ailments: Tend ear boils with neem paste mixed with honey.

The Indian medicinal science of Ayurveda reveals the benefits of neem leaves for eyes and skin disorders, such as ringworms, eczema, itching, and mild skin issues are potent. Neem leaves are also used in aromapathy because of their calming properties and ability to lessen headaches.

Uses of Neem Leaves

Medicinal Value of Neem Flowers, Twigs, and Barks

Ironically, the bitter neem tree bears sweet-scented, delicate white flowers. The blossoms of the neem tree have a mystical Jasmine like scent that blooms once in the afternoon and then again in the evening. The Tamilians use flowers in fresh, dried, and powdered form to cook and garnish dishes. Flower rice, lentils, rasam, and pachadi often have neem flowers as an ingredient. Flowers are said to be unbelievably therapeutic; therefore, are used to cure nausea, sore throat, intestinal worms, belching, phlegm, and anorexia. The 2008 study found alcoholic extraction of neem flowers to be contraceptive.

The neem tree uses include chewing of neem twig because it fights germs, maintains desired alkaline level of saliva, keeps bacteria at bay, strengthens gums, and gives you white-shiny teeth. Chewing nee twig or bark prevents and destroys plaque build-up.

The stem, root bark, and fruit are used as a tonic and astringent.

The Neem Oil Benefits

The neem oil is extracted from seeds and is rich in medicinal properties. The medicinal value of neem oil is used in making mosquito repellent, soaps, creams, and cosmetic products with the aim of reaping skin and hair care benefits. Other neem oil uses, includes reversing the ageing process, removing blackheads, keeping the scalp healthy, etc. etc.

More Neem Tree Benefits

The Neem is a storehouse of medicinal and magnificent benefits. It is packed with Vitamin E, fatty acids that enhance every part of the health. From giving you clear skin, luscious locks, Neem is also used to cure chronic health conditions Asthma, Diabetes, Inflammation, Urinary tract infection along with improving liver and heart health.

Neem is not just a plant, but a treasure hunt for salubrious well-being. One piece of writing is not enough to document neem benefits and uses because those are innumerable. However, in our best capacity, we have tried to cover all the important ones for you.