Most Beautiful Foliage Plants for your Home Garden

Plants are one of the best living things on earth that not only provide health benefits but are also soothing to the eyes. Keeping or growing plants indoor has so many health benefits and it makes your house worth living. Although many plants can be grown successfully indoors, there are certain groups that, because of their attractiveness and relative ease of maintenance, are generally considered the best houseplants. One of them is Foliage plants.

Foliage Plants are one of the best and most beautiful plants ever. These are handsome tropical American plants, generally climbers, with beautiful leathery leaves, heart-shaped, and often cut into folds. In today's blog, we have bought you some fantastic foliage plants list for your home garden. Enhance your home with some explicit yet ornamental leafy designs that extremely look stunning at the indoors of the ambiences. Here you go!

Foliage Plants for Home Garden

1. Elephant Ears

They are beautiful, elegant and often have huge leaves. Great for large pots, they grow in partial shade and come in a vast range of leaf shapes, sizes and colours. They prefer moist, hot conditions, but need to be sheltered from high winds. They can also be grown indoors in bright, indirect or filtered light.

Elephant Ears

2. Ferns

One of the best examples of foliage plants is Ferns. Ferns are a never-ending source of amazement. Each comes in different shapes and sizes, yet all are beautiful. They look great in a pot alone. There are thousands of different ferns to choose from. Some of them are foxtail ferns, Boston ferns, etc.


3. Peacock Plant

The peacock plant is one of the more commonly available types of calathea, but you are likely to find many other species in stores. Peacock houseplants are often found as part of indoor plants. The name says it all about the plant. It has all the elegance and beauty of a peacock’s tail. The leaves are pale green with a dark green feathered effect from the middle of the leaf to the outer edges. For best results give peacock plants warm temperature and high humidity.

Peacock Plant

4. Rex Begonia

Begonia rex is one of the most beautiful and stunning Foliage plants. Also known on the names of painted-leaf begonias or fancy-leaf begonias, these plants are known for their showy, sometimes jaw-dropping leaf colouration. Hundreds of Rex Begonia tenants are available in a wide array of silver, white, pink, red, purple and green combinations. Many also have unique leaf shapes and forms. Although Rex begonia is grown mainly for its shiny foliage, it can produce pink or white flowers in bright light.

Rex Begonia

5. Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is a compact, mound-growing, evergreen perennial plant that is grown annually in areas. Once established, they are very drought resistant. Lacy leaves of the dusty miller plant are beautiful friends for many blooms in the garden. Dusty Miller is also very tolerant of heat, salt air and poor soil conditions.

Dusty Miller

6. China Doll

The china doll has a fine texture, even though individual leaves can grow up to 2 feet tall. It is usually sold in a container with several plants so that it looks fuller. Pinch or prune shoots regularly to keep plants succulent.

China Doll

7. Coleus

Coleus has to be included in any list of Foliage plants. There are so many varieties with different leaf shapes, colours and sizes, that the options are enormous. From brown to red, to vibrant pinks and greens, this is a plant that covers a much larger colour spectrum.

China Doll

These were one of the most beautiful foliage examples to make your house garden. Include one of these in your house garden or gift your loved ones on their special occasion.