9 Personalised Gifts for Employees to make them feel special.. Boss, are you listening?

Employees, of whatever level, always seek something extra and special in return for their work. Obviously, over and above the salary! The companies today are putting their resources to provide heart-warming perks to the employees so that they won’t feel like working in a jail. If you want to extract better results for the business, you must keep your employees happy. For the perks, you can decide based on the business nature. But here are some personalised gifts for employees that can help you on the course to be tagged as a great employer and will keep the employees happy.

9 Personalised Gifts for Employees to make them feel special

1. Photo Clock

A clock with an option to customize it with a photograph in the background is topping our list of personalized gifts for employees because of its hidden power. When you give a clock to your employees, somewhere deep down, it injects a sense of being punctual and helps to understand the value of time (of every nano-second).

Personalised Photo Clock

2. Water Bottle

Your employees will be more productive if they tend to feel fresh and high on energy. So, gifting them a personalized water bottle is an idea of business-benefit. The bottle can be customized with the picture or the name of the employees to scatter some personal touch. It will help them keep their body hydrated and will render a thought that you care for them

Personalised Water Bottle

3. Coffee Mug

What is the one thing that gives an instant vibrancy when the work gets affected due to sweet sleep-shocks? Just a few sips of coffee!! Isn’t it? It is quite common in employees that they don’t feel like working hard after the lunch break. That’s why a coffee mug is one of the best personalised gift ideas for employees, and it will smack their so-called sweet sleep-shocks to the ground

Personalised Coffee Mug

4. Mouse Pad

A mouse-pad is where the hand of a working professional moves most of the time during office hours. A dull and unattractive mouse pad can steer towards excitement-less work procedure, whereas a cool one can usher to the creative and fruitful zone of working. So, don’t you think that if your employees have a mouse-pad customised with their names, they will love to move their hand which can improve their efficiency of work? A customised mouse pad is the most precise personalised corporate gift for employees.

Personalised Mouse Pad

5. Pen Stand

Penning down ideas and tasks when they needed to be can improve the quality of project outcomes. While working in the intense atmosphere of office premises, it is obvious that employees can’t keep track of all their ideas and duties assigned to them just in their mind. Giving them a picture-personalised pen stand will help them to keep the pen at a fixed place so that they can pen-down their ideas at the very moment. And it will also help them to keep their desk organised.

Personalised Pen Stand

6. Passport Cover

Well, this one may not be a benefit to the business, but it surely can imprint Love on your employee’s hearts just like the passport cover with their name engraved on a metal block. And, you know what? A love-filled employee and happy employee is a blessing for business and business owners.क्या करें जनाब, व्यापार का एक ही मतलब है - फायदा! We feel that this one is something exquisite in our list of personalised gifts for employees.

Personalised Passport Cover

7. Caricature

Being a boss, you can’t afford to go off the track in any aspect. And, that’s exactly what a gift of personalised caricature helps you with. You will assuredly hit the laughing and happy chords of your employees with such a funny and creative personalised gift idea for employees. This gift won’t let them leave their desk for a long time. Hope you now understand why it is good to gift a personalised caricature. .

Personalised Caricature

8. Plant

Now that’s what you call a gift of heart-felt care! Flabbergasting your employees with a gift of a plant potted in a vase personalised with the first letter of their name shows both your care and personal concern for them. Plants help in reducing stress and boosting focus. Also, they keep the air fresh. With a gift of plants, you are about to give your employees a treasure of health.

Personalised Plant

9. Key Chain

All your employees commute from their places to work through different transports. Many of them commute on their own vehicle. So, giving them a key chain customised with a picture or the name will let them feel happy on their way to work. And for those who don’t commute on their vehicles, they can use the key chain for door or almirah keys. A key chain is one of the cutest personalised gifts for employees.

Personalised Key Chain

We bet your employees will put in their 1000% in work if you make them feel special with a personalised gift.

In case they still don’t, जो करना है करो! It’s your business, none of our Business!