15 Must Have Plant Gardening Tools

“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paints, and the soil and sky as canvas.” ~Elizabeth Murray. Make your art (garden) looks bewitching and aesthetically pleasing by investing in some essential gardening tools. Whether you are caring for outdoor plants or green beauties in planters, we have got you covered with 20 must have gardening tools that will make your garden grow and bloom.

Must Have Plant Gardening Tools

1. Weeder

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow with the parent plants and compete with the nutrients. Sometimes uprooting weeds may not be possible and you also do not want to pollute your garden with chemicals. To avoid all these situations, the best solution is to have a weeder. It’s a hand tool that is effective in cutting weeds below the soil. Long-handled weeders eliminate painful bending and kneeling.


2. Garden Scissors

A simple but versatile piece of garden tool that can be put into use for doing multiple garden chores. You can use scissors to open seed pockets, for delicate pruning of flowers, to dig out weeds when nothing else is handy or available. Invest in sharp garden scissors of good quality.

Garden Scissors

3. Soil Knife

Another multipurpose garden tool, soil knife. Soil knives are ideal for performing jobs, like cutting and digging. Soil knife is a Japanese origin tool and sometimes referred to as Hori-Hori. Soil knives are a must have gardening supplies because of its versatility. If you have this with a little improvisation, you can put into use to accomplish other gardening tasks as well.

Soil Knife

4. Hand Trowel

For a horticulturist, a hand trowel is an all-important tool. A Hand trowel is needed for digging out areas for plants and then refilling them once done. It also finds applications in digging out weeds, potting, transplanting.

Hand Trowel

5. Pruning Shears

Call them what you like--hand pruners, secateurs, pruning shears. These are one of the essential gardening supplies for pinching and pruning of plants, shrubs, trees, flowering plants, and more. Pruning is a regular job, invest in a durable sharp pruner that fits your hand comfortably.

Pruning Shears

6. Water Hose

A well-grown and maintained garden has certain care requirements; one of them is watering. Watering plants from time-to-time so that they grow to their full potential is necessary. Though there are several ways to water the plant, as a gardener we feel hose is effective and essential. Choose a hose length that easily reaches your flower and plant beds.

Water Hose

7. Curved Digging Shovel

Professional gardeners swear by this tool, the curved bladed digging shovel. It's a staple for any gardener, as they say. The shovel is used for heavy-duty digging jobs, including planting trees and shrubs. They are also reliable for working on a large area of soil in a short period.

Curved Digging Shovel

8. Spade

A garden tool that has a long handle and long, narrow, flat head. Your gardening tool kit will be incomplete without this one. It is used for edging beds and lawns, transplanting, dividing shrubs, trenching and a lot more.


9. Leaf Rakes

A leaf rake is used to rake the leaves in the fall and then in the spring. But, that’s not all. It is also widely used to remove stones, rocks, and clogs from the ground before you start planting. Levelling, smoothing the surface of the soil, gathering debris are a few more functions of a leaf rake.

Leaf Rakes

10. Pruning Saw

Pruning shears are excellent for small trees and branches, but larger trees require a tool that can cut with much power, and that job will be done by pruning saw. The shaping of shrubs and trees can also be done with the help of a pruning saw.

Pruning Saw

11. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow will ease your burden of carrying heavy garden materials, tools, and other essentials around the garden. Put everything in the wheelbarrow and carry them around the garden while you are working.


12. Hoe

A useful gardening tool, hoe when preparing beds for planting. It is essential for cultivating the soil, edging the lawn, and other essential gardening tasks


13. Gardening Gloves

It’s good to get your hands dirty while gardening. But, thorns and splinters are annoying and can be painful if pierced into the hands. A pair of gardening gloves for comfort and protection is a must.

Gardening Gloves

14. Lawn and Hedge Shears

Hedge trimmers and shears for maintaining a picturesque garden. Trim the bushes, shrubs, and hedges to support plant growth and keep your garden beautiful.

Hedge Shears

15. Hand Fork

An essential tool in the gardener’s arsenal, a hand fork is multipurpose garden equipment used to create holes in the sand, remove weeds and stones, mix in soil treatment, and soften the tough ground. Its sharp blades can easily penetrate the ground than the shovel.

Hand Fork

Just outside these must-have garden tools, kneeling pads, outdoor brush, loopers, lawnmowers are also useful and essential to some gardeners. The expert advice would be to invest in high-quality garden tools, store them carefully, and they shall serve you for years.