Must Have Room Decorations for Birthday Party

There would be absolutely no one who doesn’t seem to get all excited when it comes to celebrating their birthdays. Among all the various factors which makes a birthday seem and feel like a celebration is room decoration for birthday. The shimmery, colourful decoration for birthday tends to add up its charm and livens up the love-filled birthday memories. While some people love to hire some decorators to take over this tedious task of decorating the entire house or room of the birthday boy/girl. Whereas there are many people who love to decorate the room/house of the birthday boy/girl, their own creative way. If you belong to the people of the latter category but still needs some expert tips on some fantastic birthday decoration ideas, then this blog is sure to help you. Read this blog and make a note of all those decoration items, which you may require. Each of these room decorations for birthday party is much needed and a crowd pleaser - so you don’t think of skipping them if you intend to throw the best birthday party to your dear one.

Must Have Room Decorations for Birthday Party

1) Foil Balloon - Add some glitz and glamour to your birthday party as you choose to get some Happy Birthday, Champagne glass, Heart or Star shaped foil balloon in silver or gold-tone. Place it on some wall wherein you are planning to have the cake cutting ceremony of the birthday boy/girl.

Happy Birthday Foil Balloon

2) Regular Colorful Balloons - Complementing to the theme of the birthday party or the colour of some other room decoration items, get some colourful balloons to keep the birthday party spirit alive. You can get a pack of these colourful balloons from the supermarket of some colour or purchase it directly from the balloon man. If you are planning to fill these balloons on your own, then make sure to have an air pump to ease out this task. Once the balloons are filled you can think of making a backdrop with those balloons too. It will indeed look good over birthday pictures.

Colorful balloons for room decorations

3) Streamers - The long, colourful stripes of paper are much needed for any birthday party. You can hang some balloons in the streamers while hanging it on the wall and while laying it over the table - it will sure make the room look nicer. You can twist and turn the colourful streamers to give it an edgy-cool appeal.

Colourful Streamers for Birthday Party

4) Fairy Lights - The twinkling lights can when hanged along with the curtains or along with the tableau even affixed to the wall with the help of some tape make the party venue look enchanting. Place the fairy lights in beautiful settings. You can take the help of your electrician to get the lights placed at all the places, where you want with the help of extension cords. Before placing the fairy lights make sure it lights up and is still in the working condition otherwise your efforts might get wasted.

Fairy Lights for Birthday Party

5) Confetti - To celebrate the existence of your dear one, make sure you have confetti set for them to bless them with happiness, health, wealth and good luck. You can fill a large, birthday balloon decorations with some colourful bits and pieces of paper so that when the birthday boy/girl pricks it with the knife it gives all the guests, confetti-like feels. Also, you can get some party poppers to have the same kind of appeal confetti would have on you.

Happy Birthday Balloons for Party

6) Set Up A Photo Booth - It goes even without saying that every birthday party must have a photo booth set up for its guests to click some great pictures. You can get some photo booth props made and have it set in front of the colourful backdrop, the pictures are sure to turn out pretty great. Trust us on this! People attending the birthday party will be hooked especially onto this place.

Photo Booth

7) String Of Photographs - There’s nothing more precious than gifting your dear one with the gift of nostalgia which is why it makes perfect sense to hang some beautiful photographs with the birthday boy/girl along with each one of the guests, attending the birthday party. Not just it will make the birthday boy/girl feel special but at the same time, will make your guests feel wonderful about attending the birthday party.

String Of Photographs for Birthday Room Decoration

8) Funky Birthday Caps - We know, it’s rather what we used to wear when we are toddlers. But we believe everyone should be always young at their heart, no matter what their age is (age should always be a number and nothing else!). That is the reason for wearing funky birthday caps at a birthday party would never be discriminated against on the basis of age. Get your creative best version out and design some love crafted yet funky birthday caps with the help of some of the soft cardboard, stickers, some embellishments and sketch pens. Take some ideas before you proceed.

Funky Caps for Birthday Party

Hope you gathered some ideas with these room decoration ideas to throw a kickass birthday party for your loved ones.