Must try These Floral Design Cakes from FlowerAura

Springs are getting closer. With an end goal to greet the season change wholeheartedly, let’s dream of clear blue skies, small green buds of growth showing up on branches and the fresh blossoms to come. So, how about you get ready to get the feel of this much-awaited season by trying floral design cakes. Overflowing with wonderful blooms, from handmade sugar blossoms to buttercream blossoms and painted blossoms, this is actually what our heart yearns for this season! Here are the top five must-try floral designer cakes from FlowerAura -

Designer Cakes

1. Illuminating Flower Cake

An unbelievably stunning cake, this is one of the best fondant cakes that is filled with enthralling flavours and heavenly essence - A beauty that will definitely add charm to any celebration. Soft blooms of sugar swirl around the cake represent the exact feel of springs. You must try this eye-soothing cake as the look and taste of this cake will make you and your dear ones go WOW.

Flower Cake

2. Enchanting Purple Rose Swirl Cake

Heart-crafted with countless roses, this delightful cake is sure to take celebrations to another level. The delicately crafted sugar blooms are creatively arranged for an oh-so-pretty look. Get this cake for you and your dear ones, and you will feel like you are in a garden full of roses.

Swirl Cake

3. Beautiful Barbie Cake

You must have seen a cartoon cake or two before, but this one is just out of this world! One of the favourite cartoon characters of kids is Barbie, and this cake will make them the happiest. The dress covering the barbie is decorated with swirly blooms, and the heavenly taste will be a treat for you, and your dear one's taste buds.

Barbie Cake

4. Exquisite Rose Cake

A lovely cake that you can gift to your partner on any occasion! Treat your special one with a flawless fondant cake consisting of wonderful fondant roses that appear lively among the settled foliage. These gorgeous buttercream roses on the top are guaranteed to bring a wide smile on the face of the recipient.

Rose Cake

5. Super Seven Cake

Dipped in the shades of purple and pink, this fondant number cake can do the magic in any celebration party. The cake is beautifully decorated with sugary deep pink palatable roses, adorable butterflies and other flowers. Enjoy this luscious cake with your dear ones on any occasion and feel alive with the fresh spring look of the cake.

Super Seven Cake

So, these are the must-try floral design cakes from FlowerAura. Hope you and your special ones like these lip-smacking cakes. Head on straight to FlowerAura to order these yummilicious cakes now!