5 Best Office Desk Decoration Ideas

You spend your time working at your desk all day. In between you get moments of respite such as coffee breaks, leisure time, etc. But, for most of the time, you sit at your desk in that same tiny space. So, why not add a little charm to your cubicle decor to make it your own little happy space? As, you are spending more active time in the office than your home, so it needs to be fancied up a little because a little creativity doesn’t harm. So, here are some of the best office desk decoration ideas -

Best Office Desk Decoration Ideas

1. Bring in Some Greenery

Plants can easily brighten up any space. We are not saying to go all gardening. But, you can surely buy a few office desk plants and place them in beautiful vases. Not only will the plants add charm to the desk, but it will also purify the air around you in the office. If you can’t remember to water them, go for some low-maintenance plants like succulents.

Bring in Some Greenery

2. String of Memories

Hang a Wire to Clip Memories - Frames are standard and old. So, hang wire and clip your and your loved ones photographs on it. Your colleagues would also love to get their photo on that string of memories.

String of Memories

3. Switch to Funny Coffee Mug

You know how much that coffee or tea at your desk helps you! So, how about holding a creative, funny mug in your hand instead of the monotonous office mug. You can get a mug with personalised text like “I survived another meeting that should have been an email” or “I wonder what my job description says today?

Switch to Funny Coffee Mug

4. Trim with Washi Tape

If you are wondering what tape is this, then it’s not some hi-fi stuff. It’s a decorative and pretty paper masking tape. Although it has many uses, the ultimate goal is to add charm to the spaces where it is applied. So, tape down the edges of your cubicle with charming washi tape to add charisma to work desk decor.

Trim with Washi Tape

5. Keep Notes in Colourful Holders

Instead of sticking paper to the cubicle wall, you can buy colourful holders. This is one of the most creative desk decor ideas that are affordable and will decorate your desk. Display some motivational quotes or funny messages in the holders that’ll keep you going the whole day.

Keep Notes in Colourful Holders

That’s pretty much it that will light up your office desk and will improve your productivity in the office. So, buy these small creative products for your desk and decorate it! Happy decorating!