Myths About Most Popular Flowers

Flowers have long been appreciated for bringing beauty to their surroundings, medicinal purposes, romance, ritual, as well as a healthy source of food. From the famous roses, daffodils and to hyacinths, and peonies, flowers have their part in history. There surely is meaningful advice at our fingertips, but some can be misleading, and a considerable amount of myths that have been circulating have caught the attention of die hard flower lovers. We have decided to weed out some of the myths about most popular flowers, common misconceptions growing in the world of flowers. In this blog, we share some of the most shared myths about the most popular flowers from different traditions, customs, and cultures.

Myths About Most Popular Flowers

1. Sugar Keeps Flowers Fresh

When a plant is uprooted or when a flower is plucked from the plant, they begin to wilt. That same fate befalls our beloved sweet scent and heartwarming flowers, no wonder why many attempts to prolong the indefinite have been a norm. As sugar is a sweet and readily available commodity in almost every homestead the myth has been stating that you can keep flowers fresh by adding sugar. Sugar promotes bacterial growth which is not good for the flower and your health too. Instead you can regularly change the water and use the pack of plant food that comes with the flower bunch.

Myth- Sugar Keeps Flowers Fresh

2. Flowers are the Worst a Sworn Enemy for the Allergic

For those who have seasonal allergies are not fans of pollen! so the common myth says. One may sneeze and have itchy eyes when the seasons change, but that does not necessarily mean you have to retire to the dim and boring places far from flowers. You need to know what the cause of your tissue or allergy is, in most likely cases it’s pollen from grass, weeds, or trees. The pollen is light and stays airborne for a longer time. Flower pollen is heavier and it falls to the ground. So do not hesitate to buy a bunch of flowers for your loved one or home. Talk to florists and order allergy-friendly flowers. The flowers are available in a variety of colors, scents, and shapes and sizes.

Myth- Flowers are Worst Sworn Enemy for Allergic

3. Never Sleep with Flowers in Your Bedroom

A quick visit down the memory lane in science class, do you remember how plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen? It is not nice what happens at night as the opposite is true. This is the reason why there is the myth “Never sleep with flowers in your bedroom”. It suggests that flowers will steal your oxygen as you fly away in the dream land, and who would want to be taken advantage of like that? Well it’s just a myth nothing to be scared of. As much as flowers and plants give us more oxygen during the day, they reabsorb as less oxygen at night. So enjoy your beautysleep with flowers in your bedroom as they also brighten up the room.

Myth- Never Sleep with Flowers in Bedroom

4. Pets and Flowers Do Not Get Along

Pets are man’s best friends, they cheer us up when we are down and love us all the time. That’s just how they take over our life. And flowers fill in the gaps our pets can’t. We cannot gift pets to our loved ones all the time when we wish to express our deepest feelings, that’s where flowers come handy. But flowers really can be bad for our pets as there are some species that also do harm to us as human beings. This myth is often regarded as if all flowers are bad for the health of our pets. There are pet friendly flowers such as orchids and roses. You will need to avoid flowers like azaleas, tulips, and amaryllis as they may cost you a trip to the vet. If you have pets at home it is wise to ask your florist for a pet-friendly selection.

Myth- Pets and Flowers Do Not Get Along

5. Seasons Do Not Matter

We may have special occasions throughout the year, these are things we plan for ourselves not what mother nature graces us with. Though we can get almost anything these days with just a few clicks, some flowers we can’t. While our favorite flowers are abundant in some seasons, we can’t buy them in advance. So if you are planning a wedding or any other special occasion it is best that you consult with florists. They will help you zero-in on the ideal flower range to help wow your loved ones and guests.

Myth- Seasons Do Not Matter