Falling in love with Narcissus, Know Why

Happiness, is that innate or acquired? Is it bound to knock your door or do you have to fight for it? Are you the only reason for your happiness, or can someone give you a share of their happiness too? All these philosophical questions but only one legit answer which is happiness knows no limits and rules; it is yours, you just have to want it. But what if we told you happiness could be shared too by gifting something as divine as a flower to your loved ones. Yes, you read it right, sending flowers to your loved ones makes it more pleasant and godly than ever before. For that, today, we are talking about Narcissus flowers that make not the best home decor gift but also spread a ray of joy and peace.

Reason to Fall in love with Narcissus

Know more about Narcissus right here and brush up your facts grasping a to z information about the beautiful narcissus flowers.

What is a Narcissus Flower

Although the name may misguide you for something it is not, the flower is believed to be the exact opposite. It is an emblem of bringing more improvement in life than you would ever expect. The white and yellow flowers have six inconspicuous petals forming a beautiful and highly appealing to the eye look that is tough to look beyond.

What Makes the Narcissus Flower So Special

The luxurious look and the unique distinguished structure is what makes the beautiful Narcissus flower so positively magnificent. The flower is different in all aspects; its three petals and three sepals structure is one catchy element to its whole aura. Its contrasting colour combination with the varying colour of the petal and the crown is another mesmerizing bit.

Why Narcissus Flower So Special

Why Love Narcissus?

The unique Narcissus flowers hold an extraordinary place in our hearts for a reason to do with not just the beauty appeal but the spirituality the flowers bring too. The flowers are a symbol of rebirth and inspiration, two words that describe all the reviving emotions to fill our hearts with tenderness and motivation. The resemblance of such purity is what makes this flower a super choice for everyone.

Why Give Narcissus Flower to Anyone

Forgiveness is the key to many unsolved problems iconic, and this flower does just that with expressing emotions beyond speech. The beautiful narcissus flower represents forgiveness. To ease apologizing the flowers come to the rescue, and to say you're forgiven the flowers seal the deal there as well. The two in one big shot flower is just what you need to make your life teensy bit easier.

I love My Narcissus, But Why

The beautiful blossoming flower lasts for a long time throughout the year giving you one primary reason to crush over the edge flower all time. Flowering in the spring season it blooms till winter and gives merry some time for everybody. The life of the flower is longer than many and hence provides more time for happiness and to cherish better moments and pictures with it. The colour of the flowers, the vibe of the winter all come together to make absolute sense.

More to the Narcissus Family

The Narcissus has under it a few varieties and not the simple ones but exotic flowers that cherish the moods wherever they bloom. Daffodils, paperwhites and triandrus being three significant flowers in the narcissus family. The flowers are prevalent in orange and white colours but can also be found in soothing pink colour, which gives it all the more reason to fall in love with it again and again.

Why Love Narcissus

This is all you need to know about the Narcissus flower to convince yourself to buy it. It takes much less than all this information, just a glimpse of the extraordinary flower is all it takes to bring home the narcissus flower.

Are you falling in love already? Hold your breath; it has more magic than you imagine.