Valentine’s Day Perfect Gifts for Non Romantics

For some, Valentine’s day is the festival of love, while for others it is just another day, out of the 365 days that we live for. So, for the people belonging to the second category, the romantic concept of valentine’s day doesn’t exist. And if you have a partner belonging to this category, who loves you but can’t just tolerate the cliched stuff people do on Valentine’s, then chuck out all the mushy, cheesy romantic valentine gifts. Rather, try out some non-romantic valentine gifts to bring a smile on his/her face. Some of these valentine day gifts for husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or even lover is sure to make this Valentine’s day the best day of their lives. You can absolutely find these perfect valentine day gift either on some online store, that comes along with efficient Valentine day gift delivery or at some offline store. Before you start reading this blog, let us tell you - You’re welcome!

 Valentine Day Gifts

1. Bar Accessory

Maturity might not come with age, but drinking surely does come with age limit. So, if the man/woman of your dreams likes to enjoy a peg or two of his favourite drinks, you can go ahead by gifting a pair of classic bar accessories to him/her. Also, if he/she is not an “on the rocks” person, then you can gift him/her a coffee mug or a set of teacup even. So, that the next time, he/she relishes any of his/her drink, you are reminded every single time.

Bar Accessories

2. CookBook

If a kitchen is his/her best friend (after you obviously), then gifting a cookbook surely seems like a great idea. Next time, it calls for a celebration you can surely call for a party indoors and celebrate it over an exceptional culinary experience.


3. Bedsheet And Pillow Cover Set

Every now and then couple wants to have a great bedtime fun. And to insist or leave your partner some clues, he/she can be absolutely treated with an uber-cool bedsheet and pillow cover set, for sure. White sheets and covers are quite cliched, so try something new to notch up your bedtime experiences.


4. Diary

Let him/her note down all his practical thoughts over his diary on love, life and everything in between. You can gift him/her some quote-printed diary which is not romantic but is still cool, something that matches his preferences. A diary can also come handy when he has to jot down minutes of the meetings at work.

Handmade Gifts

5. Health Hamper

Maturity comes with replacing chocolates, chips or other cheesy romantic gifts with something healthy, insisting on staying fit. And what’s more classy than an assortment of scrumptious, organic snack hampers. If he/she is a gym/yoga/fitness enthusiast, he/she will definitely fall in love with you, all over again, seeing you gif something like this!

Healthy Gifts

6. Sleep Mask And Neck Pillow

If your partner has to travel quite a lot, due to his/her work schedule, you can gift him/her something like this which he/she can carry it along. It would not just take care of him/her during long flights, but also remind you of the fact that distance would mean nothing when the person who gifted him/her this means so much.

Mask and Neck Pillows