Know all about Orchid meaning and symbolism

Nature is an enormous pool of beauty, vibrancy and variety. Humans may find a quality or two that can be existing in other beings too but no two elements of nature, look, feel or act alike. And that is the beauty of nature, mother Earth and heavenly powers that watch upon us. One such invention of nature, much appreciated by humans so much so that the governments keep a guard to prevent it from going extinct in orchids. They are beautiful flowers, associated with sexuality, elegance, love and friendship. It's all in one emblem of grace that is to be nurtured and groomed forever. These gorgeous flowers also make good gifts for our special ones who are very close to the heart and celebrate love every day. The orchid meaning and symbolism makes it inevitable to resist gifting it to your loved ones or have some for ourselves or have a flower vase of orchids at home. Today we will descriptively tell you about the orchid meaning and why it is the perfect gift for flower delivery to your loved ones home on special occasions and taxing days.

Orchid meaning and symbolism

Kinds of orchids

White orchids

White has forever been the colour of beauty and heaven. White colour in itself represents a lot of feelings, actions and moods. The orchid flower in particular represents innocence and purity. And it never lets its guards down for elegance and reverence. They make perfect gifts when what you mean to say is 'you are the purest soul' I have met but all you can do is mumble words.

White orchids

Pink orchids

Pink has forever been the colour for women. And without a doubt, it is loved immensely by most. Hence pink orchid meaning and symbolism is also similar. It represents feminist and grace. And it is also linked with joy. Well, of course, flowers bring joy and pink orchids bring it more.

Yellow orchids

Yellow orchids can be imagined as the most pleasing one of them all. They are absolutely beautiful, sight for sore eyes and they represent new beginnings. It is a popularly known fact that yellow is the colour of friendship and this flower too.

Purple orchids

Purple is a beautiful colour and a purple orchid is an even more beautiful flower. It represents royalty which somehow seems so true. It is also a symbol of admiration. And in earlier times they were shared amongst people as a sign of respect.

Orange orchids

The beautiful orange orchids are known for their excellence of detailing and the thin structure makes them look even more appealing. Hence, the Orange orchids represent pride, enthusiasm and boldness.

Orange orchids

Orchid symbolizes

  • Elegance - The day your wife dresses excellent and looks like a diva, don't hide away from giving her an orchid for elegance.
  • Orchid symbolizes

  • Everlasting love - Orchids are gifted to someone when you want them to know that your love is eternal and nothing can change that.
  • Good luck and fortune - Good luck flowers orchids are known for bringing along good luck. It can be in terms of wealth, health, or bond with a partner.
  • Good luck and fortune Orchid

  • Funeral - The orchid flower is given at funerals as well but because of a healthy and positive reason. It's because they represent the love that never ends. And so they are gifted to pray respect to the family and express that your love for the lost will never end.
  • Erotic - The texture and structure of orchid flowers make it embrace the exotic look it has. The flower is known for sexuality, femininity and love.
Erotic Orchid symbolizes