25 Simple Cake Decorating Ideas For Birthdays

Simple Cake Decoration is an art that requires creative thinking to delight eyes without many complexions. And those who feel a novice baker inside will agree that they do look for cake decorating ideas for birthdays and other special occasions.

We put our efforts and dig out some of the best designs that you can try on your next birthday cake project to attract claps and words of appreciation.

Simple Cake Decorating Ideas For Birthdays

Below are some complex and simple cake decorating ideas with pictures so that you can bake and create a delicacy stuffed with deliciousness and eye-popping pleasure.

1. Stuffed Colourful Sprinkles Cake

Colours of happiness with colourful sprinkles!

Stuffed Colourful Sprinkles Cake

2. Plain & Simple Birthday Cake

Simply beautiful and amazingly delicious!

Plain and Simple Birthday Cake

3. Colourful Flowers On Top Birthday Cake

Bring delight to eyes with the beauty of flowers!

Colourful Flowers On Top Birthday Cake

4. Covered in Candies Cake

Amazing birthday cake covered in sweet candies!

Covered in Candies Cake

5. Fondant Flowers On Side Cake

Stuffed with fondant flowers on the side, it's a floral delight!

Fondant Flowers On Side Cake

6. Patch Of Blue & Yellow Cake

A simple cake decoration with patches of blue & yellow colours!

Patch Of Blue and Yellow Cake

7. Beautiful Flowers & Butterflies Cake

What can be a more beautiful sight than flowers and butterflies together?

Beautiful Flowers and Butterflies Cake

8. The Gamble Cake

For celebrating the birthday of one who loves gambling games!

The Gamble Cake

9. Floral & Swirls Cake

All you need some perfect curves and flexibility in your wrist!

Floral and Swirls Cake

10. Edible Candles Cake

Cables are a must and edibles candles are great!

Edible Candles Cake

11. GemStones In Dark Cake

Looks like a scene from the Marvel movies!

GemStones In Dark Cake

12. Gems Inside Cake

A birthday cake cutting celebration to reveal a Tsunami of gems!

Gems Inside Cake

13. Layered Strawberry Cake

One of the creative yet simple cakes decorating ideas for birthdays!

Layered Strawberry Cake

14. Avenger Lover Cake

Perfect cake to surprise an avenger lover on his/her birthday!

Avenger Lover Cake

15. The Corporate Guy Cake

Not a simple one, but perfect birthday cake for the corporate guy!

The Corporate Guy Cake

16. Ferrero Rocher Cake

Topped with mouth-watering Ferrero rocher chocolate balls!

Ferrero Rocher Cake

17. Green Lava Cake

The green lava dripping from the black batter of cake!

Green Lava Cake

18. Blue & Green Checks Cake

That’s what you call a simple cake decoration to create magic!

Blue and Green Checks Cake

19. Cake In A Glass Bowl Cake

How about fixing a cake in a glass bowl?

Cake In A Glass Bowl Cake

20. The Golden Batman Cake

Turn the batman in gold with this batman birthday cake decoration idea!

The Golden Batman Cake

21. Berries On Clean Cream Cake

A simple cake decoration with healthy and juicy berries!

Berries On Clean Cream Cake

22. Chocolate Bars & Balls Cake

Baked batter covered with chocolate bars and topped with chocolate balls!

Chocolate Bars and Balls Cake

23. The Gentleman Cake

Birthday cake decoration idea for the one who owns a moustache and wears a bow tie!

The Gentleman Cake

24. Edible Balloons Birthday Cake

Simple cake decorating ideas with balloons made of edible fondant!

Edible Balloons Birthday Cake

25. Spaceship On Mission Cake

Cover it in whipped cream just as you like and decorate the cake with stars and spaceship!

Spaceship On Mission Cake

Birthday cake is a must for a blasting birthday celebration!